Quote- Unquote

  • Your Destiny is how you create it..
  • A Fool may ask more Questions than a clever man can answer- A Perfect Excuse for being Dumb..
  • Distance keeps the Differences Dim.
  • At times, Ignorance is the Best form of Defense!!
  • You may be able to change a Person but not her thoughts.
  • Opportunities fly by; while Bad Luck keeps knocking at you till you answer.
  • To get a Prince out of a Frog, be ready to kiss atleast a thousand of those..!!
  • Your Circumstances can only Delay but never Deny you of your Destiny..
  • Every Dog has its Day.. The day I get to become One, I’ll make sure to piss real stink.
  • A truth; whether proved or otherwise would always remain that.


Obstacle creates 2 possible Momentum

  • Either, they stop you on your way and make you sleep and slide
  • Or they will set you Rolling and Roaring..


Think of a Water Flow and Big Stones right in its way. It slows the flow of the water making it trickle between the stones; or making it spring like a Waterfall- creating beautiful serene picturesque view, not to mention the force that it flows with..


  • Lets study “Politics” today.. Is it Poly- Ticks as in clock ticks or ticks as in euwh!@!@..?
  • Indian Judiciary- Law and Humor (instead of Law and Order)
  • Law Enforcements are two words. If the “Enforcement” is taken care of; the “Law” would automatically be in place.


  • If Internet is all about browsing through VIRTUAL world, why the page navigation also has a button for “Home” Page??
  • While the World Map may have shrunk with the invent of “www”; it has “Wonderfully” “Widened” the relationship ties amongst the “Worldly” beings.


  • Women and Mind, both remain to be the two most puzzling and un- resolved Mysteries. What to talk of a woman’s mind then..?
  • I run my own race.. That doesn’t have to be after someone.
  • You fail when you give up.. If you don’t- you become a fighter..!!
  • It’s my indifference rather than “have taken them in my stride” attitude; that is letting me compile the filth people have carelessly created.. I call that My Life..!!
  • My friends aren’t the ones who giggled at my PJs; they ARE the ones who are now sob with me, Reading me..


  • BPOs in India have proven this proverb wrong-

Early to bed,early to rise, makes a man- healthy, wealthy and wise..”

Now– who cares about health?

Wisdom brings you no wealth..

Slog it hard, keep awake,

That’s how you reach up there


  • Definition sets the Limitations..
  • Influence will work where you might have failed to create an Impression!
  • Be careful while reading mythology… they are the biggest myths ruling over any logics conceivable by human mind.
  • The excess of arrangements/provisions (for smoother operations) make it highly inconvenient.
  • Illusion is far more beautiful and deceiving than Reality.
  • Don’t ignore what you have while cribbing for what you don’t.
  • I am not a nomad that I need to settle down in name of getting married. Then again; am I cattle to be strung?
  • Never ever take an advice- do whatever you want to. Not only you would learn what’s best for you; but also that you should consider every single word that has been ever said to you!
  • Never create a mess of others’ stuff or feelings; feeling outrageous.. You never know when you might have to walk back the same trail. Keep the place clean.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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7 Responses to Quote- Unquote

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  2. Hena says:

    I liked it all…especially the Law bit…

  3. suhaime59 says:

    Very interesting, Olivia.

  4. I have so many more frogs left to kiss…

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