My Love Affair with Gardening

I am typically a typical chip of the old block in the strictest manner of its meaning. My mom was an avid gardener; being from Calcutta. She lived in a big Mansion that had miles of land-stretch for gardening..

She had brought a few of those flower plants here in Delhi too that I had to leave with my Uncle while moving out of his House, since his wife wanted a return for all his favors- funding me and my mom financially..!!

My own observation in Real Life has been that anyone who is fond of Gardening has not been able to Nestle with a Companion; either ways, she is left all by herself. She maybe contented and possess all but without that special someone.. I would be very happy to collect an exception to this observation myself. Though without much Luck so far..

I stay on the 2nd floor apartment and the Ground Floor people are in no hurry to move in. I have complete access to the Garden space on the Ground floor which is a stretch adjoining the apartment building both in front and back. I managed to convert the front space to a Spring Garden and the backyard space to Vegetable Garden. It wasn’t very easy, given the fact that I have a huge house to myself to maintain.

This is what I grew in the 1st lot planted in November 2009 end

Spinach- 1 big patch is still yielding leaves usually they last for 2-3 months only.
Radish- I distributed all of them; I don’t like them. But the small bean like fruits that grows out of the vegetable if you don’t uproot, is something I have taken fancy to. I didn’t know its existence till now..
Cauliflower- They tasted like they used to when I was a child, fresh and yet not so tender that they get squashed.
Cabbage- Distributed them all.
Coriander- I have my own home- grown Dhania seeds and the powder I made of it failed the Khari Bawri spices. Have re- Planted the seeds again.
Onion- I just uprooted the 1st one yesterday, the bulb, leaves and the bud (pyaaz kali). It reminded me of the simple pleasures of my childhood. I have always been fond of the (not so humble- given its pungency) bulb. The Bud of the Spring Onion is only available in CR Park and Kalkaji and most of the vegetable sellers are not even aware of it (Sad). How I use to pick the Onions with small green bud that grows post autumn if you store the bulbs for long.

How such simple pleasures had become a forgotten memory. I grew them all without any Fertilizer, insecticide or even manure. It took me back to the thoughts when I learnt my 1st Kitchen Job. Mom had taught me how to peel one with knife when I may have been all of 6 yrs. It’s unusual since there were only a very few chores that I was allowed to; my entry to the kitchen was restricted only to either place the dishes, help her in serving food or maybe strain the tea– and check if the gas knob was turned off properly. Needless to say, I was very scared to cook standing beside a burner. That I am a good cook now and enjoy the process is a different story all together 🙂

A few years later I would prepare the dough for chapattis; she said I did it really well- moms would be moms, I believe..

All my mom would emphasize upon is to study and to do that well. It’s only now that I have begun to appreciate her harpings. Had she not been after me so badly with “study well”, I would have failed and miserably to take all in my stride and emerge as a winner. She would tell me that even if I miss a movie (feature film back those days), how I could get a disk and watch it once I have nothing to worry about. That I would recall of that smiling if I did well to myself and bitterly if didn’t. How true!

I recall and remember her and all with a smile of triumph..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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