Airtel Broadband's Add- On Spouse Offer

Alright, this one happened to one of my Friends- why I am writing it then? Because I happen to be his Wife- at least on the AIRTEL CRM..!! or so his wife claims.

My friend’s wife would often call him & threaten him to book him under Bigamy. They have been staying separately for the past 10 yrs or so. She would claim that she has a Documentary Evidence wherein I have signed as Olivia, w/o (wife of) HIS NAME. This went on for about a few months till one day I thought of actually looking into the issue. Thank her for dropping in the mention of CRM. I asked him to call up Airtel customer care & ask them about who has been receiving Bills since he hasn’t been receiving them.

It was as if he opened a can of Worms. In the past 6 month’s record (that’s what they claim to only possess), his Bills were received by 3 of his different wives. It may be sounding awfully funny but by then his wife had actually press charges on him for POLYGAMY.. Thank heavens; no matter whatever CRM she had been harping upon, it dint have Olivia in the last 6 months record. The customer care executives would just not understand when he tried explaining few of them of his concern.

Now, I googled for the Sales Manager; found one in Surat, asked him the Delhi Sales Manager Number, called him posing to be potential corporate customer & after 7 days of their “trying to figure out”, the courier company was taken into loop. The POD Slip was obtained & there the “spouses” names were all written:

  • Reena (it was signed as RECD.) & then the courier boy himself wrote the relation to be wife
  • Guard – !! (he himself had received them with signatures; his name begins with R)
  • & also all their Domestics’ Name (…his “other” wives)

The Courier Company arranged to provide an apology letter which stated on the lines of- We understand that whatever happened is a big mistake; shall take care in future.. After a few editions & our insistence & non- acceptance of the same, we received a formal Apology Letter on Courier Company’s letter head.

It still remains a mystery how the lady could claim that she had the info about the CRM.

Needless to mention, we didn’t hear any acknowledgment from Airtel, much less an apology for the whole confusion. Practice perhaps.

So now, he is a happy man suggesting others to take up Airtel connection to get a few wives more; at least ON PAPER..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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