Claiming My Mom’s Pride from Bank of Baroda

The Xerox of the Original FDR Certificate

Mom had become so dependent on Uncle Ashok after dad’s abandonment in ‘89, that she practically worshipped him. I’m not exaggerating- she is or was my mother; I wont criticize her for nothing.

She used to invest in Bonds & Shares quite actively only that the profit money went to his account.  Mom’s Pass Books, Investment Docs & all relevant info papers used be with him in his Almira- something that I didn’t appreciate since I learnt about it soon thereafter.

After a couple of years & lots of Hyper Melodrama, the realization finally dawned upon mom & the Enlightenment Ring coroneted her head. She took all her papers away from him & placed them in my Almira. I was asleep when she woke me up to hand them over to me to take care of them. I used to count the Cash lying in home since very young. I would unlock the locker, count the cash, get it rechecked by her & place it back. This wasn’t anything new that she did; only there was nothing left of in her accounts now. That may have been one of the reasons why she did that..

In ’94, our peerless deposits reached its maturity. The money in my name couldn’t be claimed or so Ashok made her to believe because of my Change of Name. Mom took 15k out of that 19k maybe & re- fixed in my name for a year; I agreed to sign in on the documents on a condition that Ashok would not be the Beneficiary jointly with me.  She agreed. This was exactly in April of 1995 that she fixed a further sum of 20k each in our names individually in Bank of Baroda. Despite my insistence, she didn’t mention any name under Nominees since then Branch Manager, R. K. Anand said that anyways I being the only heir, it would have to go to me in case of any eventuality.

Eventuality did happen. She passed away the same year in October. Months later the 15k that she had re- fixed, reached its maturity & after a huge tooth & Nail Act, I received the money & deposited it in my account. Ashok married a Bong Woman on July- 31st , & as a tribute to mom’s demise, I was forced out of my home (or at least I thought so) in October- ’96.

Soon thereafter, I started my ordeal with the Bank of Baroda- BOB to retrieve my FDR, no problems there; I transferred the cash to my own account. Mind you I had started to stay on my own & was also pursuing Textile Designing from South Delhi Polytechnic. Since I had enrolled for the Longlands Affiliation, I had to pay another 4500 as an additional fee. The course was quite an expensive bargain for me, given the fact that I had to fend for my self all on my own, arrange Material for the Practical Classes & maintain myself. I used to travel to Lajpat Nagar every day from IP Extension, Patpar Ganj & then Mayur Vihar- III (after being thrown away)

I had no choice other than to claim mom’s deposit too. Well now, Mr. Anand wanted a Succession Certificate, Affidavit to the effect that I was the Only Legal Claimant. As I write this, I can see myself running from courts to BOB & back to my home & doing my homework at nights. People staring at me with Cynical Vision as they see a very young girl dressed conservatively moving in the Court Premises. There were no Cyber cafes in that age, finding someone to do the typing job was like “hunting” for a Rose in the Desert. After a few months’ of running around, I gathered all the demanded documents & presented to him.

So, I was able to get the papers & the money now would be mine. Or so I thought. Now, he wanted 2 significant Guarantors employed in Government Job that meant getting the Documents done 1 more time. Asking my Mausaji of that favor had rooted me down the earth since they didn’t help me while I was being thrown out of the House. I did; he arranged for a neighbour of his to fill in the 2nd Guarantor’s Name. It was in early ’97 that Anand “revealed” that Ashok Samanta was the sole Nominee of that deposit. I have the Certificate Copy still retained with me- there’s no name in there; besides, it was I who accompanied mom when she had done all of these. Hopelessly mausaji gave in & we all came back with a very heavy heart.

I didn’t leave it at that yet. I contacted several Managers in BOB Building in Regal. I do retain the Applications till date. Masi’s tenant uncle asked me to forger about this money saying that you can’t change your Destiny & that was not to happen; better left. How disheartening it was..!! More than the money that I had so badly needed for the last semester for the 2nd year, it was mom’s investment & her pride that I couldn’t retrieve. Damn Me..!!

I could not arrange for my 3rd year; I requested my College to kindly help me learn the basics of 3rd year in the last 2 months. They had agreed. I would stay back to learn Corel alongwith the 3rd year students. First my seat in Medical & then College & then the money- I lost them all to Destiny..(??)

I started to work soon thereafter. I had topped with Distinction yet again.

Apart from a few small time jobs, I worked with Vasant Continental & Hotel Siddharth, Essar Cellphones (Hutch/Vodaphone in Okhla) & also Convergys. The 20k that I couldn’t claim back then comes back every month in form of my salary now. Being one of the best Sales’ Agent, I had earned upto 35k for a year’s time. Earned all of- respect, home, a decent living, Lifestyle & my Confidence back. What now- I should forget about what all had happened & move on to lead my future life- right?


In 2008, I went to BOB again, presented the Documents afresh; with the help of my friend who did the running around for Legal Papers & after 8 months & 12 years, I retrieved my mom’s pride & last of her savings. The Manager then, a South Indian Gentleman was so humble & helping that he made me go only at the last day of Claiming  after my 1st visit; & made my Friend instead to hop & Jump around. My joys knew no bounds- not because I was able to what I what I had wanted to since long, but because this is to do with Mom. & anything to do with Mom’s Pride & Intentions of my Well Being- I swear, I won’t leave it.

I had cried after drafting this. I had closed my eyes, feeling mom’s palm on my head hugging me & making me lose all that Pain in her arms.


  • Anand now is employed with Muthoot is unaware of this development. I wish to deal with him someday.
  • Munmun’s dad who made Dictums about Destiny so often would need another Blog Space.
  • Samanta, wait till I get back at you. This one’s FOR SURE.

As I placed the Copy of that FDR Certificate, I happen to notice the date & couldn’t help myself twitch my mouth- 22nd April, 1995. Today, its exactly after 15 years of her trying to break free from the atrocities she was forced to put up with.

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