What’s in a name..?

Olivia– \o-li-via\ is pronounced oh-LIV-ee-ah.

Latin origin; meaning “Olive Tree”. Coined by Shakespeare, in his play- “Twelfth Night” (1599). He may have derived the name from the Olive Plant, or as a feminine form of Oliver.

Biblical-The Olive Tree is a Symbol of Fruitfulness, Beauty, & Dignity.

It means Olive, which derives from “latim oliveira” (Olive Tree), a tree consecrated or devoted to the Gods Apollo, Jupiter and Minerva.

Olivia means a form Beautiful & Intelligent!

TODAY, “extending an Olive Branch” traditionally signifies an Offer of Peace.

POPULARITY– A classic among names, Olivia has been consistently one of the 1,000 most popular names in America every decade since 1880. It has seen a huge serge in use in the 20th century and although it is not a new name, it remains fresh, modern and romantic; gaining popularity in many countries throughout the world including Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


  • The name Olivia is said to create an interest in the deeper aspects of life.
  • With a Destiny number of 5 a person with the name Olivia is most likely destined to be a free spirit.
  • They’ll grow to have the adaptability, inventiveness, and sense of adventure that allows them to take great changes with stride.
  • A person with this name is said to be an eccentric, introverted thinker who is both analytical and mysterious


How I had supported my Dad in what should be my Formal Name debate against mom. Dad had suggested “my earlier name”, mom had suggested Olivia. The Ration Card, my Medical papers, my father’s Office Document too had me written as Olivia..

I was to be admitted in School– Nursery as it was then. Mom wanted me to be called as Olivia; father a typical constricted narrowed down thinking “Man” (is he one??) wanted me to be “chirping of birds”. I like a fool that I so was, had monkeyed around the house supporting dad. Where is he now to hear me chirp or is it that I don’t anymore? Or maybe my chirp isn’t melodious enough..!

Dear Mom,

I apologize having supported dad who has failed me & you both so bad in life that I dare not express it here. For expressing would release my pent up emotions for him; I need them for some other time- soon. I wish you could see me making amendments. I have changed my name formally as Olivia.

~Your only blood relation- Olivia

The process was both lengthy and tough. I also had to fight- up a case against CBSE. Fight I did, and now my school certificates also besides my Bank Documents, PAN and every other Document bears my name as OLIVIA. Remember, I had dropped my last name when he had abandoned us? I don’t use his name anywhere now. Some Forms as mentioned hereunder, which are a humor against the Supreme Court Ruling of “Mother is also a Natural Guardian”. I wish to take it up with the concerned Authorities now.

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Election/Voter’s ID Card
  • Bank Documents
  • & all other Official/Government Documents

Still don’t allow a Mother’s Name to be written in place of Father’s Name..

I wish to understand,

  • What would single mothers like Sushmita Sen and Neena Gupta do? Wouldn’t her daughters be issued a PAN or Passport?
  • Are women incapacitated to act as a Natural Guardian?
  • Shouldn’t it be a Personal Choice whether an Individual wishes to write Father’s Name or Mother’s?
  • If Law & no one else have no problem with a woman changing her last name several times, then what is the issue while using mother’s name in D/o or S/o column?
  • Or is it that this being a Male Dominated Society, the Man gets to make the Rules best suited to them?
  • What kind of Gender Equality or Woman Empowerment are we talking about, if one cannot use his/her mother’s name wherever D/o or S/o is required?
  • I have yet another question here– why does women have to write D/o or W/o mandatorily; & the man only S/o?

Sadly, right now I am being forced to use a Name who had taken himself away of our Family and conveniently burdened his callousness on everyone else. Mom slogged herself till her last breadth and she is nowhere to be mentioned formally as my Parent whereas she only has been one..!!

My father has committed Bigamy. Our judiciary does not allow anyone else other than my (dead) mom to file against the (so called) Crime. I wonder if at all it is. Yet, I have to use his name if I have to have a PAN Card. Indeed our LAW is blindfolded.

Here’s the link to the Judgement I have made a mention of-

Gita Hariharan Judgment– Please open the PDF attachment-

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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11 Responses to What’s in a name..?

  1. Rajitha says:


    W.P.(C) 477/2013

    HIMANI ….. Petitioner

    Through Ms. Sandhya Kohli, Advocate.


    UNION OF INDIA AND ORS ….. Respondents

    Through Mr. Sanjeev Sabharwal, Advocate.




    O R D E R


    On the last date, we had passed the following order:-

    ?Learned counsel for the respondent shall obtain instructions ??whether
    in future a person applying for PAN card can be asked/required to?furnish
    details of both his/her father and mother, with an option to ??indicate
    the parentage, he/she wants to be mentioned on the card. The ??new format
    can be made applicable after a reasonable time. This suggestion may be
    considered seriously by the respondents because there?could be other
    cases of similar nature. This will obliterate the ??requirement to
    replace/modify the 17 crores issued PAN cards and this?will not adversely
    impact the existing data as an additional detail will?be available.??


    List on 1st November, 2013.

    As an interim measure, it is directed that PAN card shall be issued?to
    the petitioner without mentioning, her parentage on the issued
    card.??Details of parentage, however, will be maintained in the records
    of the?department. The interim order will be subject to final outcome of
    the?writ petition.?


    It is stated that PAN card has been allotted to the petitioner.

    In view of the observations made in the last order, the respondents
    have examined the issue and have decided to amend the requisite form to
    provide a field of mother?s name as an option and also give an option to
    not print either father?s name or mother?s name on the PAN card. The
    respondents have stated that this may take a little time as
    implementation would require user acceptance, testing, amendment and or
    changes in software. The respondents will try to implement the aforesaid
    policy decision in shortest possible time.

    With the aforesaid observations, the writ petition is disposed of.



    NOVEMBER 01, 2013

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  4. Kavita says:

    Sad, yet true…
    We live in a bloody hypocritical world, that I’m very sure of!!

    • Olivia says:

      Yes Kavita,
      You couldn’t be any more right than this! Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Right to some more bullsh*tting is the only way to blindfold women.. I wish we wake up and realize.

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  6. Sophie says:

    This is amazing and the bare truth… I have thought about this a several times. And i feel that even the govt. realizes that mother’s name should be given to individuals as an option in important documents but the least that they could do was to add another feild for us to mention mother’s name, however, still not solely sufficient to complete the formality. There are a few people who have stepped up and said no to this and have not given an option to the govt. And one has to be prepared for long procedures… At least now people realize that picking up mother’s name is important for them, overlooking the govt. regulations.
    And, on the contrary, mother’s name and maiden’s name is kept a secret, which is why it’s included as a security check in banking. Somewhere it has to start from us (the society) to announce it proudly. For example Sanjay Leela Bhansali – the director.

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