A Mail to my Friend

Here’s a Mail that I had sent to Dixita some 2 years back on 5th March. 2008. She happens to be one of my LIS friends. I used to copy her notes ever since I was admitted to Lady Irwin School. I would have flunked if she had not helped me. I owe her a lot. My 12th Boards’ Chemistry Practical Salts know that. She was one of the very bright students in Science Section. Though back then, even when we were diametrically opposite, she didn’t judge me- ever!! Most of the other girls thought I was “hopping” around with guys (I know, so what even if I had been) & would only end up as a “…”

She happens to be on my Facebook & Orkut account as well. After all these years, it was she who had located me in Orkut & sent me a scrap. I then sent her that “Friendship Request”- as it is called.

Yeah, while I thank all for being so (un)- kind to me in their thoughts & actions about & towards me. As, my friend & Manager- Hotel Siddharth, Gursharan had once said- It’s because of them that we have learnt so much. Had they been not around, we would have never realized what should not be done to others. I wish if things were little different, I would have not been so different in my approach towards life & otherwise. I have become hesitant, very- very hesitant; & shy away like that back bencher kid who scores the least & is very sensitive about it.

Only that, I had never been a Back Bencher, and am very sensitive.

While uploading her picture here, I realized that there were just so many things that I and Dixita had shared even in that small period of time that we spent walking to our Society Apartments from the Bus stand. We would at times hitch hike on the passing by Bullock Cart. The entire Gang of about 7- 8 kids used to ride up that Buffalo-Cart to save that mile long walk. Jimmy, Girish, Bharti, Kapil.. 2 brothers whose names I have now forgotten- may be Anupam- not sure; they studied in Harvard Butler; we all walked together most of the time in a group and rode together too!!

That's my friend Dixita- she hasn't changed a bit. That contagious smile just takes me back to my childhood, when she had accepted me the way I was. Image uploaded after seeking approval


Hi Sweetheart,

Here’s the loooong (& a real monotonous) 1 that I had promised. Apologies, I am very much occupied at work & then the lady who I share the house with, keeps throwing her tantrums (read: she creates trouble on the issues created by her own figment of imagination..) that had just (1ce againn) happened day before..

Let me take it up from where I went missing.. After I passed out from Lady Irwin, I appeared for PMT, got selected in AIIMS & Maulana Azad Medical College.. My uncle who had gone to check my results (PMT & then 12th boards) merrily said I had flunked.. So, even before I could collect my 12th Certificate & Marksheet, he had already started planning on the lines that I should do some kind of 1 year course & get married off..

I relented..

Took admission in South Delhi Polytechnic for Textile Designing & opted for an affiliated program.. So luckily, my papers are from University of Northumbria..

The same year (1995) had shown me the events that marked my Present (or Future, whatever) After enrolling in TD, I went to collect the 12th Examination Result Papers the last day for that to be done, & realized that I had done fairly well.. However, it was too late then..

A few months later, in October same year, I lost my mom. I had seen her suffering ever since I had gained conscience to understand. Even though the Doctors had advised not to conceive (& then I was born out of cesarean), she did (Thanks to my dad) which then complicated the things further. Once again, she was advised not to, however, my dad chose not to share the advise with her & she conceived, & then aborted (I was 6/7 years of age when witnessed the ugly event). She was then taken to a nursing Home that performed an abdominal surgery which was only to further worsen the already messy & much not at all required Mutilation. The 1st Doctor who was called immediately had taken care of the problem immediately. They went ahead with the sticky Operation & since they didn’t have proper instruments, her uterus was damaged by them. As were the times then, when Doctors asked the husband of the unconscious (mom), my dad definitely resented to the idea of removing her uterus.

This was anyways brewing on her health & also the other issues as you may recall; my dad didn’t stay with us. He had abandoned our family when I was 11/12 years of age. Here, I am just writing the events that I have witnessed.. There were too many of them that my mom was dealing with then. To round it off, this topped up with the existing other issues along with a generous sprinkling of what had happened with my future studies; took my mom off..

After a few months, my uncle married a lady who very cleverly walked me out of the house.. Thereafter, I completed my course, started working.. & have taken all the things in my stride..

Currently in Gurgaon, I have an office at my home. Working as a Secretary..

A lot of associations happened (both gals & guys) ever-since, & I kept moving on keeping my principles & morals in mind (& learning a lot about human relation-ships). Trust me, a 5- minutes conversation with the person would be all I would need to tell you about him/her..

& about you, I say that not only you are physically or facially beautiful but are also a very good & sweet friend.. a very clear woman at heart..

This is my name, it was changed just before the admission in school.. Also, I was very close to dad then.. & so, I sided by dad & had chosen the earlier name myself. But now, since dad had done whatever he had to, I reverted to the name chosen by mom.. Legally now, & officially when I had started working…



Her Reply

hey tht’s really a sad one…didn’t knew about aunty…still remember her face..she once taught me some stich for sewing class in class 8 i guess..newways this is life and u better know as u have faced all hardship and have sustained even after that ….for me its like a fim story ..never imagine it can happen in real life too..have seen ur uncle once i think 3 years back when i was in Delhi for my daughter’s delivery …

wht r ur plans  now?  marriage??( hope u don’t mind.).. will send u my photos link soon..till then u can see some of our pics in my hubby’s orkut profile… LINK DELETED

keep writing whenever u have time…




So, here I am now- Writing. If you look at it close enough, it’s she who genuinely wanted to know what all had happened. And I didn’t hesitate telling her about my Past. There were many things that I had not included in this mail because I was still battling with them; still, a few had lost their relevance. I plan to post all of them here. Also the ones that have happened after writing this Mail.

Dixita- I thank you so much; for everything.

My Ganshu Darling- II.1

My Writing, Women; & “Pigeon”

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