Domestic Violence Act- Please Redefine

Can Women be booked for Domestic Violence Act?

Not yet.. Well then rejoice all Women (read Mother-in-law, sister-in-law & all the women relation-in-law)

After the Discrimination in Law of Bigamy, Domestic Violence Act holds the Torch..

About DV Act

Section 3 of the law says any act/conduct/omission/commission that harms or injures or has the potential to harm or injure will be considered ‘domestic violence’.

Under this, the law considers physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological, and economic abuse or threats of the same.

Even a single act of commission or omission may constitute domestic violence — in other words, women do not have to suffer a prolonged period of abuse before taking recourse to the law. Read more the about Domestic Violence Act

Can a woman charge female family members of her husband or live-in partner under the Domestic Violence Act?

The Delhi High Court will now settle this tricky question.

There is a raging debate on whether the law enacted for the welfare of women can be used against female family members with different courts across the country expressing conflicting views. Read the exact article in Hindustan Times

Female members of a family can be charged under the Domestic Violence Act in case of harassment of a woman, a Delhi court has said.

The order assumes importance in the wake of raging debate whether the law enacted for the welfare of women can be used against them or not, as different High Courts have expressed “conflicting views”. Read the exact article in The Times of India

An Afternote: Please note that how the 2 Articles have suggested 2 completely different views about the “Matter that is yet to be decided”. I sincerely wish & pray that they reach to a Just & Fair Point.

Judicial Discrimination about Bigamy

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