Color Me Rainbow..

I am fond of colors, very bright colors. Shades, tones and hues of such colors, they all lift my mood. “Pastel” is a sin committed to colors. Bright colors have a sense of life in them depicting their bold instincts. Grey and Beige is a crime when worn by women; so I would want to say. I won’t be caught even dead wearing one of these. I carry bright colors with much élan and attitude. Colors represent joy and celebrations. They represent Me.

I feast my eyes on mauve, lilac, violet and purple around. One of my previous neighbors took great pride in mocking at me about the fact. Why, isn’t that really pleasant to look at that color? Doesn’t it carry a mystic appeal and a sense of royalty in it?

The one other color I like to watch is Green- Olive, the best of them. The only glitch being that it restricts me from painting my pout Red. I wish I could take pride in dressing up and look like a close patent of the Green Parrot. “Birdies, rejoice on getting an add- on new species.” I was per named as “Grasshopper” in Convergys 🙂

Red is the color I have been silently embracing for years without realizing that I liked it. I only buy red capsicum- the red version of green, red chilies- the green chili that turns red. Tomatoes are a must other than and garlic in my preparations. I bought vermilion red rose the other day for my garden. I can practically dress up in red saree every time I so have to attend any social event. Yeah I do love draping that never- ending fabric without any stitches. Only it’s been ages since I wore one. I have no social life at present..

How offended I had felt when my teacher didn’t paint my baby pout red and instead it was a glossy maroonish brown 😦 I studied in Nursery and was to perform on Annual Day before Prize Distribution.  I stood 1st in academics and 3rd in Drawing/Painting. Boy, I was a mini celebrity for a day..!!

Mom promised that she would buy 2 nail colors and 1 lipper if I scored good percentage in standard IInd. I had stood 3rd. Mom took me to one shop and let me pick up 1 red and 1 mauve nail color and 1 maroon lipper.  She didn’t let me buy what I had wanted to- a red lipper. Back then, it was a big no- no to buy anything else than maroon lipper and red and brown nail color for reasons unknown to me. I am happy that trend is dying now..

I bought my 1st red Tips and Toes lipper when I was in college. My HOD- Textile Designning Ms. KM never appreciated me painting my lips. I wasn’t the only one to be painting my face or a small portion of it to be precise. Yet.. Her logic was that since mom had passed away the same year, I was to behave sad and stricken..!! I was to exhibit my hurt and sorrow. I was to dress up like a poor girl straight out of a JJ Colony. No offense to JJ people; but why was I suppose to dress up as a leper? Why she couldn’t cross over the same message to other girls who came from affluent families- or a “family” atleast? Did my being thrown out of my house give rights to anyone and everyone to speak any Damn thing about Me.? Perhaps, YES. Not that anyone knew what was actually happening, but it seemed they all had agreed in commotion. Despite my repeated pleas, I was not granted any relief in College fees. I was blatantly asked what I could do in return. Our principal Ms. AC had a notorious image; only I learnt about it later. My being naïve or a fool that I so was, helped me not understand the intent and so had remain un-affected.

I had to drop my 3rd year. I was given the Corel Draw lessons after my regular classes. Even though it was 3rd year syllabus, the teachers had agreed as if to help me. I passed my Diploma Degree with Merit after which I started to work full time.

After 3 years from then, I happen to bag a job in a reputed Cellphone Company. I bought my 2nd L’oreal Red lipper. How glad I was every time it caressed my lips..!!

I have several of Reds today, YSL, Lancome, CD.. All of them are lying in dark cabinet waiting for their turn that now never seems to come to them. The memories of these instances come flying by and sit at my reflection staring back at me from the mirror I look into, to paint my pout.


Some Violet, Green and Red facts..

  • Red is the 1st color of spectrum, violet being the last; green lies exactly in the middle.
  • The Sun color shade keeps ranging from Red to Yellow, the Sky from light blue to deep indigo and faded violet at times; green covers our earth in form of Vegetation.

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