Why is Identity declared with Father’s Name?

What an Irony!!

  • My father had gone absconding 20 years back when I was all of 12. I am still forced to write his name on all major Documents.. Pan card, Bank Papers, Voter’s ID; whenever I apply for one and Passport if I apply for one
  • He has committed Bigamy; only that my mother isn’t alive to press charges against him and hence, it has become completely acceptable under the Law (Refer Judicial Discrimination about Bigamy)
  • Mom slogged herself to death literally to bring me up and yet I cant use her name in any Documentation.. This despite the (click here =>) SC ruling of Mother being a Natural Guardian.

Law is Blindfolded; I conclude hereby.

  • Women since ages have been changing their last names after marriage- why?
  • Even if they wish to drop their married name after separation, they choose the father’s name- once again- why?

Simply, because women too are Gandhari.

  • They are not aware of any other thing other than hanging their Identity with a Man; and that’s for educated women too.
  • Better still, the only options they choose for sticking their name with is either Father or Husband.

I have neither attached to me and my name

  • I don’t go by my dad’s last name.
  • I have legally changed my name and dropped my last name that so helplessly kept reminding me of my wildly, beastly and an inhuman dad.

It was not easy

  • If you wish to change your name, you would have to get an Affidavit attested.
  • Publish it in a Newspaper and The Gazette of India.
  • File a case to get your School Certificate Name revised (against CBSE, in my case)

You can get your both first and last name changed without going through any hassle while getting married (?!) or separated Legally.

  • While the latter is understandable, why is it permissible to change name while getting married?
  • Is Marriage considered to be a By- Pass to Change of Name Act?

How correct is it for a child to use his Father’s name when the Man in question has gone absconding, releasing himself of all fatherly duties, and never looked back?

Of all, the man commits Bigamy and yet gets to be a Father of two different women’s children and that too LEGALLY- ON PAPERS.

I scream here- has Law gone completely Bizarre headed to have this arrangement forced on us and we like cavemen following it in name of Law abiding citizens?

F*ck the morality; atleast, that’s exactly what a Man does who abandons his family, and or commits Bigamy. I am not pointing out on Moral Science yet.

Humor this-

A child is born out of a Woman and a Man. For crying out loud, it’s the Woman who bears a child- this was so atleast at the time of submitting this article.

  • Why doesn’t all Forms- be it Government or otherwise reads Mother’s/Father’s Name instead of Husband’s/Fathers’s Name?
  • Just why and why can’t a Mother’s name be used instead of Father’s Name?
  • How has the Society accepted to let two children born out of two (atleast) different women to write the same Father’s Name? Didn’t I say F*ck the Morality?


  • Bigamy is Legal; (<= click here) as long as the wife doesn’t press any charges.
  • And, all the Government and other Authorities would continue to overrule Supreme Court Guidelines about Mother as a Natural Guardian. (<= click here)


  • We don’t have a voice to criticize about the incorrect system
  • Even if the changes may be made in Law, we would never follow them.

My Appeal to the concerned Authorities-

  • Please take note of the changes; incorporate and implement them.
  • Kindly hold it as Contempt of Law when a Ruling is overruled.

Dear Readers,

Please do post your views and not crawl mutely through this Post alone.

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