Did she Offer or was Offered; that's the Question

Please note, how the two Leading Newspapers of India have given two different pieces of Information about the same Incident. It would be very relevant to note

  • the content of the matter
  • the length of the matter
  • and also the way it has been depicted

It was pretty surprising to read how the two Newspapers have printed the same piece of News in so many different words so much so that a completely different set of reporting is made out upon reading the two bits. The actual details of the incident; and the incident in itself can not be made out by reading both the papers against each other.

The entire article in the Newspaper has been produced for the Reader’s Benefit. The link to the News as well as the scanned pictures have also been included for you to view the disparity.

  • Hindustan Times- 7th May, 2010

The article in Hindustan Times

Woman molested inside car in south Delhi

In  another reminder of how unsafe the city can be for its women residents, a 25-year-old woman, who was allegedly out on a joyride in her friend’s new Mercedes, was molested by him in broad daylight in South Delhi.

The police said the woman, who is an emcee and a model, went out with her friend for a ride on May 1.

They added that the man allegedly held her captive inside the car and drove around South Delhi for an hour before dumping her near her house.

The police have arrested the accused, Vineet Tokas, a businessman.

According to police, the incident took lace around 12:30 pm on May 1.

The two were familiar with each other.

“Tokas asked the woman to go on a drive with him to which she agreed. After some time, he tried to molest her,” said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity.

The police said that when the woman resisted, Tokas allegedly got agitated and began to force himself on her.
They added that Tokas continued driving the car and did not let her out.

All this continued for an hour.

“Later, he dropped her near her house and also threatened her with dire consequences, if she told anyone about the incident,” police said.

“The woman, however, informed her father about the incident as soon as she reached home. Her father filed a complaint at the RK Puram Police Station.”

A medical examination of the victim confirmed molestation.

The police then registered a case and later arrested Tokas.

Police said that after the incident, the woman went away to Dubai.

The close- up of the news in HT

  • Make a note of how detailed the article is in HT and what it speaks of.
  • Inset: Yet another hapless incident reflecting on things more than a few..


  • The Times of India- 7th May, 2010

Girl offers lift, is molested

The Article in The Times of India

New Delhi: A 30-year-old man was arrested on charges of molesting a 28-year-old girl in R K Puram on Wednesday evening.The victim was known to the accused.The incident took place when she gave him a lift in her Mercedes,said police sources.The accused Vineet is her friend and neighbour for several years.TNN

The close- up of the news in TOI

Note: Is the Difference or the differences apparent now??

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