Change- Welcome..

A very Welcome Change News.. The scanned image of the Article in Hindustan Times- 9th May, 2010

While it is entirely her personal discretion, I wish to understand why the Transgenders would have to undergo surgery at all to be accepted under the bracket of Man/Woman? Just how many of them can afford it? I mean, why to force someone to get operated upon and undergo hormone therapy, to just fit under the Obsolete and redundant Binary System? They are Human, Blame it on the Genes and Genetic Combination and not them.

For a change, (and to cause) can we please become Human and give the other Human Forms too their due Legal and Existence Right? As of now, they are denied of their very existence. It seems its tough for the Men and Women to appreciate that there could be other Genders also..

Please wake up..!!

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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