A Gift for “My Dad”; I love

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I feel so sorry that “my” Dad missed out on an opportunity of claiming mom’s Peerless Amount of Rs.4.96 lacs.

(A fictitious story concocted by me to sniff him out of his Mole (oops!!) Hole.

Didn’t all the conversation about

  • mom,
  • his commitance of Bigamy and
  • his giving declaration on email (as below) remind him of me even once?? Not even with estranged feelings?


With reference to our telephonic conversation today I am sending revised declaration as under:

I , Sukhendu Mandal S/o Late Shri Nilmani Mandal R/o # HIS ADDRESS, Permanent R/o HIS ADDRESS do hereby affirm and declare as under:

  1. That I am the husband of Late Mrs. Jyotsna Mandal who expired in the year 1993.
  2. That I have a daughter named Ms. Olivia, the whereabouts of whom is not known to me since 1989.
  3. That there are no other Legal Heirs of the deceased.
  4. That I undertake & indemnify that in case of any Claim which arises out of the amount from my daughter Ms. Olivia, the same would be settled by me.




What a man he is!! He didn’t know when his wife died; merrily went on to marry/stay with yet another lady without thinking rationally. He had almost “claimed” that Peerless amount in mom’s name because he is/was her husband!! Does he qualify being one? For all the time he was in Delhi, he had checked the Peerless Office and tried locating my friend in Courts but didn’t make a single Enquiry about his daughter. What a Father he is!!

  • Didn’t it strike to him that he has been anything but a Husband- who is supposed to be a Human Being too; to Jyotsna Sankei? She had died in a diffrent year. He had asked the year of Demise (was given to him incorrectly on purpose) and then he had typed it there.
  • How shamelessly he typed about his not knowing of my whereabouts. Is that how a Dad supposed to be? I had heard a lot about “one’s own child” sentiments; witnessed it too. I being his daughter may also end up being Rude to my own kid- One of the reasons why I don’t want to be a mother. I too would become so obsessed with my own Carnal Pleasures & leave my kid to fend for himself & pay for my committed mistakes. Remember, mom was Incapacitated?
  • So if I am the only Legal Heir, let me go ahead & claim my entire share from Dad!!
  • He is so willing to share his Rs.4.96 lacs with me- where is/was his modesty about his Duties as a Father towards me?
The “Regards” got included in his mails after I had replied to his 1st one & written so, instead of “yours faithfully”, “sincerely”- What an Irony!!

The Notice was sent to him on 17th April, 2010; a copy each to his Office & Residence through Registered A/D. No reply/information has yet been received. My friend who keeps shifting his role from Courier Boy to Advocate to whatever else, called my dad up in his office. For the past few days now, dad has stopped responding to my friend’s calls; maybe because he didn’t receive the Peerless amount check of Rs.4.96lacs as was being lured to him.

I have butterflies all over me- they have escaped from my stomach in order to fly high & big. I had my friend call up SVIET yesterday. The moment dad was enquired about the Registered Notice, he had retorted saying that he didn’t wish to speak about it.

Did he still believe that he was to receive that check & so was feeling teased about having not received for so long?

Has he already accepted the Notice in greed of the money & now repenting?

In all probabilities, he may have refused the envelope but that’s even worse. It would go against him.

I am eager to know his reactions. I want to know how he may have felt reading his own (mis) creations from his own “creation”. Did he feel guilty, sorry or he wished to question my action- Actually a reaction to his actions? I sent a sms from my friend’s cell that read- dad, have you been able to talk to your wife yet, you so wanted all of us to stay together. The same sms was copied to his wife too. He had been to Delhi a fortnight back but couldn’t find any time to meet my friend who was to “handover the check” to him.

I am anxious & waiting..

He is due to be sued under multiple charges


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