An Ode of Respect for Dad..

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The feelings & emotions that I harbored for him for close to 3 decades, is now due for a major spill over. For all the words that became dumb & all great respect that I could not bestow upon him because of his being absconding, & that he still is; I owe him this, it is due to him—


  • This is my 1st of the attempts to speak in the Level of Indifference towards Blood Relations as defined by you.
  • Let the Document & the Contents themselves prove that I am your Biological Daughter.
  • Though I may not be able to repay in exact measure of quality & quantity of the agony that you left me in (for my whole life to happen) while walking out; I eagerly expect my efforts to be appreciated.

Re- produced below is the Exact Copy of the Notice that has been sent to him at his Residence Address as well as Workplace. It has been 5 days; sent via Registered Post. There is no way to track it, so wait is all I can do about it.

  1. That you Mr. Sukendu Mandal married my Client’s mother Ms. Jyotsna Sankei in 1971 & started residing in Delhi.
  2. That my Client was born out of this wedlock on 11th August, 1977.
  3. That as per the childhood memories of my Client, your behaviour towards your wife; my Client’s mother & My Client was highly rude, indifferent, torturous- resorting to physical abuse.
  4. That due to your Violent, Aggressive, Abusive nature, & Neglect towards my Client’s Mother & your Wife, she was forced to seek the assistance from her Maternal Cousin- Mr. Ashok Samanta to stay with the family, a situation which was not taken kindly by you as it curbed your Natural Instincts.
  5. That you were well aware of that your wife & my Client’s mother had been physically handicapped to the extent of being incapacitated due to your adamancy in opting against the Medical Advise/Prescription under the circumstances. This left the Clients’ mother not only requiring monetary aid but also physical & emotional dependency for her own sustenance. That your Indifferent & Cruel nature reached its zenith when you did not handover the Medical Records to any other Family Member.
  6. That in view of your Indifferent, Callous & Cruel Nature you failed to pursue the Medical Treatment to your Wife who was forced to seek the assistance of her Maternal Cousin for moving from one Hospital to the other. My Client’s Mother’s woes were magnified in the absence of the relevant Medical Records which continued to be in your possession.
  7. That under a Well Thought of Strategy & in Order to deprive my Client & her Mother of any Financial Support or Otherwise, you in violation to the Provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act & your responsibility to wards my Client, & her mother, abandoned your Family in the year 1989 without sharing your whereabouts or any forwarding address as you wanted to escape from shouldering the responsibilities & or contributing towards the Family Expense.
  8. That my client was only 12 years of age & hence unable to make any enquiries or trace your whereabouts since my Client’s Mother was incapacitated & could not move about independently.
  9. That being victims of your Well Planned & Thought  Of Strategy, in abandoning my Client & her mother- your wife, they were forced to depend on Mr. Ashok Samanta, the cousin maternal uncle of my client despite your continuance as the Legally Wedded Husband & Biological Father of my Client.
  10. That due to your careless Nature & abandonment, my Client, who was extra- ordinarily a very bright student in one of then leading Public Schools’ was made to shift to a Government Aided School due to paucity of Funds thereby affecting her Future Prospects.
  11. That due to your Neglect & Abandonment, my Client & Her mother had no option but to submit to the dictates & likes of her Maternal Cousin Brother moreso, when your Wife was physically handicapped, therefore unable to Fend for her & my Client who was a Minor then.
  12. That my Client’s mother after keeping terminally sick for years, eventually passed away.
  13. That my Client visited your Office at 9th floor, Vandana Building, 11 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi to enquire about your whereabouts. Your Colleague Mr. Shambhu Prasad who also was a Family Friend & Neighbor denied being in the knowledge of your residential & or official address despite being requested & made him aware of the Demise of my Client’s mother. However, after persisting for close to an hour, he made my Client talk to you over the phone. That your Cruel Nature did not change even upon your being informed about the Demise of your Wife. You further failed to Offer any assistance to my Client nor offered her to stay with you & also failed to provide your address.
  14. That the action of your Colleague Mr. Shambhu Prasad independently & or in conjunction with you, was violative under the different sections of law; an action which can still be initiated by my Client separately & jointly with you- this his despite being well aware of your address or of being in a position to procure your address; after having made aware of the tragedy having fallen upon my Client who was still a Minor.
  15. That on account of your abandonment & not responding to the help asked for by my Client over telephone which was connected by your colleague Mr. Shambhu Prasad you thereby allowed Mr. Ashok Samanta, the Cousin Maternal Uncle to take advantage of the situation & made my Client highly vulnerable forcing her to leave the House of Mr. Ashok Samanta or else live in a relationship of shame.
  16. That my Client could not pursue higher studies in the field of Medical Sciences & also had to shorten her period of study that she had enrolled for subsequently- for want of Financial support & in the absence of the mother also.
  17. That my Client had to attend to menial jobs to save her dignity & Self- respect & also arrange money for her College Fees. The time that any child devotes to regular & higher studies, & framing of career, my Client was brutally forced to completely direct towards earning for her bread- butter & shelter which you as the father was under Law was required to provide for.


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