(A few) Four Letter Words..

Love, Luck, Life and Loss.

All of these words are closely linked to each other; very much dependent and even derivative of one another.

  • It is the Luck factor that decides how successful your Love (Life) and your overall Life be.
  • Alternatively, Life is a depiction of your Love and Luck quotient.
  • And, Love is as they say brings in Luck and fills in that void in your Life.

However independent you may be, you are bound to feel special when in Love.

Now, I am definitely not referring to puppy lovers who refuse to move on even after 3 (sill counting..) years of an ugly breakup to an affair that never happened. No matter what you do, however rudely you shoo them away, they would then create profile under their brother’s name and scrap- “Hi Angel, wats up n hows life ? can v be frends again……………..? God bless u B happy n take care..”

While reading that I could almost hear him say this in his sardonic voice with a sad emphasis on GBU and TC. If only he realizes that I would be much happier if he keeps a moron that he is- out of my way.

Print Screen of the scrap from Orkut. Notice yet another Ajnabee Stranger above him- they have loads of time by their watch..

I wish- God Blesses him and takes care of these psycho losers who just want to be baby sit for their lives. Go man, get a life..

As strange as it may seem, one would not be able to bracketize these petty words in isolated chambers. They’ll keep with one another. Even though I am not a blind folded believer of Luck factor, I do believe in miracles. Definition: Happenings that are least expected and happy and are equally desperately prayed for and required as necessities. One can create miracles. Just wish for it with a single mind and work towards it. Miracles don’t happen as “a star fallen from up there, shining in your palm!” Keep your faith up, and keep yourself focused- the Luck would be forced to smile upon you.

One would need several miracles to sustain oneself in one’s life. To make them all happen, one would have to constantly work towards it. Blessings do count- but certainly not in sardonic manner and that are ranted in a hoarse voice.

Now that we understand a bit of these interconnected words or spells or curse (as the case may be), there’s yet another four lettered word that would sum up in sync with the other two to sum up your Life’s success rate- Loss. How much you may have gained would not make a grain of difference unless you chart out the overall losses.

Together, the three fellow spells would constitute your life- graph plotting. How much you may have lost can be determined by how much something cost you. In other words, in one’s Life, one only keeps balancing the three; or struggles to maintain his own balance, often distorted by these three. How well you keep them or they keep you is all upon your will, strength and power to take things in your stride. Don’t let the evil twin of Luck (loss) cast its deadly spell on your Life..

The evil and necessary twin of Love is to Move on.

I fail to understand just how relevant it is for someone to keep sitting on a rock, becoming one in the process and keep mourning. Whatever had to happen, has happened; now please take charge and don’t let it spread the spillage over the remainder of the things too. This is how one can take control of losses. A death or departure is not a significant loss but how much it affects your current setup or future instance- is. Death is only a milestone; how you travel thereafter is what determines your loss.

Every simple happening need not bother you. Happiness is intangible- synonymous to Bliss; then how come a wedding makes you so happy? My Dear, these are only milestones. Don’t be foolish in being excited about the event- that way, you would already be on the top of the graph stat curve; and traveling down would be the only probability.

But then, haven’t we all now linked our happiness with these milestones? We get so stuck with these only regular points that we forget to travel beyond. We get so consumed in the static pleasure that we lose sight of the approaching or probable potholes; even then, how well you dig yourself up and resume your journey would mark your Luck factor. This way, you make your Luck work for you.

Really, how many of us get back in one piece or atleast try to and then be happy? Not many, we keep grieving about what we lost and we could have gained. Being a fool right now; can’t you see that that way you are denying yourself of what you have? C’mon, look around, use your wisdom and analyze what all could be reign- held and improvised upon. Apparently, it’s your Life and the journey should not be halted. The Show Must Go On- this is what it portrays. We never grow up- the majority of us don’t; if we lose something or someone we tend to become a rock or else look for a substitute. We don’t come to terms and make peace with the reality; instead, we try and cheat our fate, overdoing our sorrow in the process that brings in further displeasure and bitterness.

It seems that we are competing against everyone. She doesn’t feel happy about the collection of dresses she owns- instead feels sad at the site of that one exquisite designer wear of the color of her choice and well beyond her league. The choices she now has to either strive to achieve it or perhaps get so sad and obsessed that she would not realize what may or not be the way to own it. That in turn sparks off other series of events; that would mark her losses for the Gain of that outfit..

Instead of mourning about your losses; take charge and try and achieve something wherein you make others not also fall into the same ditch. Do it atleast for one person and teach her to do the same in turn.

Then you maybe able to see how these words are practically interwoven and create patterns in one’s Life’s existence- Love, Luck, and Loss.

Please don’t mourn over the losses; count the leftovers and move on with them to create miracles and gain manifolds.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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10 Responses to (A few) Four Letter Words..

  1. Kavita says:

    Well said, girl.. luck is that which is treated as something special while it’s there… when what’s indeed to be realized is that it is created by us alone!

    Wise words to go by, sweets!! And practical too…

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    You work well at thinking things through. This is a clever creation with good messages for wise people to glean.

    Blog on, dear one.

  3. Lucy Westenra says:

    You clearly put a lot of hard work and thought into this post.

  4. Meryl Jaffe says:

    Philosophical… with wisdom and keen sensitivity.

    Loved it.


  5. ladynimue says:

    You make lot of sense !
    Even to a nut like me 😀
    Take care !

  6. Kim Nelson says:

    You went through quite a process with this one, Olivia. Wisdom, hard won!

  7. Yes…beautifully said, Olivia…a lot of wisdom and experience in these words! Life goes on and it will be exactly what we make it to be. Let’s choose happy, inclusive and magnificent!!

    Imagination Lane

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