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Good Morning fellows..

After trying for one big hour of putting myself to sleep, I have given up trying, and now, beating the keys up on the board to create this post. Any day my maid has to come late; my peepers give up on me pretty early- as if to celebrate the extra solitude hours. I woke up at 6am, sat zombie on computer screen for an hour; then tried to remind myself that it wasn’t morning yet for another hour, but failed- MISERABLY.

She says morning cuppas should not be in black colored cups, so sipping tea in my Hi- Hutch big white mug though written with black print. The tap water is as warm as if just to boil. Another hour down the line and it would be as hot as one would be able to make a cuppa by dipping a tea bag; and that’s not an exaggeration. Anyone here in New Delhi or Gurgaon- India would know what I mean.

Did all the de- stressing by aromatherapy face-wash, gave myself a doting look in self- admiration and noticed that I was pale and my eyes were rounded up by dark circles (oh no..!! my age would show, nevermind- I don’t have to go anywhere, anyways..)

I wasn’t really keeping well for the past few days. My Blood Pressure had sky rocketed within minutes, on Sunday after an incident and had stayed at the heaven gate, or the hell actually for the next 4 days. Electricity played hide and seek for 4 days before two men got electrocuted on Wednesday, and the residents came aware of the actual mischief going on. So the day before, I survived a 13 hour of no lights at a stretch and ended up with massive abdominal cramps. My small intestines either get entwined or release the entwinement- one of these; and that makes me crumple like plastic on fire. I kept lying on my abdomen for the entire day yesterday to gain relief. I was half conscious enough to know what was happening around; otherwise was just off-socket.

Summers are bad. Neither can I sleep, nor can I breathe. That reminds me how that crooked Ms. Robertson said that I was a crooked one myself. I still wonder that is this how a teacher supposed to talk about students who are only 12 years old?? Why at all I had to remember her- maybe because I have a few of these women around me still and who talk in the same manner. Just that- I can’t stoop down to their level and retort; and hence, am keeping out and keeping sick- but not for long though. These women forget that what goes around comes around. If incase one takes pleasure in agitating someone else’s child un-necessarily, the repercussions fall on their own ward. That’s right- it does happen. She herself being a women and a mother of an irresponsible, loud- mouthed, insensible daughter, should have understood what it takes for another single girl staying on her own; or may be not. I wish her all the luck for she is soon to be married and needs hoards of luck with such mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.

Like a customary practice or de- evilliate process, the electricity went off (for another hour) as I had finished typing the last sentence. Oh well.. I was able to give my zombie peepers some rest at last. My room was comfortable since the a/c has been on for the whole of the last day and night with short breaks. If only I had not to take that call, I would have rested for another half hour. Whenever I try to snooze at a time convenient to myself, my employer decides to call me up just then- no matter what time it may be. I have been craving for- to sleep and rest without having to inform or seek permission for last 3 years now- ever since I moved to Palam Vihar. Be as it may-but I just hate getting up in between my sleep to attend rude work related calls at stupid times. I call it intrusion- but it seems my employer and my friend doesn’t seem to understand- and that’s yet another story.

For now, I am awake- wide and (not) ready to take the day and slog myself through another workday. It’s almost weekend today. The last weekend was almost perfect till that hoarse crying woman, or the two of them- including her daughter; turned it upside down. I didn’t realize how the four days had gone by- how sick and confined to myself I had kept. Thats what stress does to me. Not any longer; not today..

Its already going towards a perfect weekend- I got to blink for about half hour and that has definitely pepped me up..

I have a few ideas on mind, just need to dance (or jazz or hip- hop; whatever) my fingers on the keyboard.

Last but not the least..

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Just another WordPress Post

  1. omg lol says:

    I love this blog. This was interesting to read.
    I am curious how I didn’t find this blog earlier.
    Sharing is a virtue, and a lot more people should read this.
    I will try to share. Many of my friends will appreciate this.

    Gracias and keep’em coming!

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