Friday- Beginning of Weekend Celebrations

Like I already smell of a weekend..

Enjoying the pastries my landlord had brought for me. A retired Brigadier and an equally smart a woman companion; my landlady brings some or the other gift whenever she comes over. It would be pretty interesting to know how I got to become their tenant.

After a huge argument, my friend just did his weasel act (read: take a walk; instead of showing his face, he showed his stinking rear). Noticing the TO-LET board, he called me up to inform me of this development, I won’t answer his calls. Apparently, he had no choice other than to apologize to make me hear what it was; usually he doesn’t, infact he doesn’t.. On the other hand, when he called the house owner up on the cell number on the board, to express his willingness for taking up the place on rent for me; all the couple had asked for was that they wanted to “see” the house where I stayed then. After an hour, I welcomed an old couple who were practically my parents’ age and very up-to-date. They looked around my house, my bedroom and I let them see the washrooms too. They were happy to see that how well I had maintained that place; that’s what they had said atleast. The following morning, after speaking with their son, who was the owner of the house on papers, they declared I could move in any time- the sooner the better. Atleast one couple doesn’t think I am a cleanliness freak.. that I so am.

They have a nicely maintained house to themselves; very beautifully done- up. Those may not be expensive articles but put up taste- fully. It feels nice to visit them in a while; she has’t lost it even a bit- and if she has with age, think how well and more organised she may have been in her younger days..!! I mentioned earlier too; I like every thing in order, properly arranged and neatly. Mom said that I would keep getting up between my sleep, straighten the crease on the bed-sheet and then doze off merrily, I still do it. In the morning, I recall of my dis- order and smile; if only mom were there to tease me the same way.. Alas, nothing remains in the similar order.

On weekends, I try and let loose; I let the newspaper be floating like a paper plane, try to forget after placing the water glasses on every table around the house and casually forget where I place my cell and keys. I have tried so hard but have succeeded very less to become less- orderly. Before going out for work i.e., when I used to, I made sure that all things were kept in their ordained places- before taking my sandals out to walk out of the house. Any day my dame (domestic maid) has to come late; my eyes go the hawk-y way. I slept at 3am, woke up at 6.30am. It’s been storming since night, very muddy, visibility is hazy and its bad to be standing out.. I did not take any pics of this house yet, waiting for a camera to happen..!! Let’s see. It’s been long and it’s high time- since I have owned one and clicked a few. Till then, watch these:

Since there’s still some constraint on pressing more than 1 slideshow, I could not include the Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Master washroom pics separately. The Kitchen and Washroom Slide would be added in a different post, over the weekend. The pics are before I had done up  my place; my present landlord had seen a little more done- up version with corner display glass racks, washroom had plastic flowers over the looking glass.. I hope to put up the present house pics too soon..

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