Dancing Elves- Chak Dhoom Dhoom, Colors

Yesterday, I happen to sit to watch – CDD- Chak Dhoom Dhoom. A Reality Show based on performing art by kids.  What flawless performances, such wits and such talent! If only one of these happened when I was small; maybe, I would have been busy in my shoot instead of compiling this 🙂

The weather was bearable, and I decided to watch TV after a few months yesterday beyond Uttaran and Balika Vadhu. Saroj Khan was very sweet to all the kids; she is known for her candid coments.. The kids who are supposed to be cycling around and deflate the neighbors’ tyres should be made to watch these shows as a punishment for an entire day. Maybe then they will break the damn performing box..

Last year, “Dancing Queen” was what I was glued to. I have always liked Sambhavna Seth for her dance steps. As far as her way of lifestyle is- its her personal; I don’t wish to make any judgements. Infact, I would be very happy to perform with her if situations willing someday. It’s a honor to shake a leg with someone as energetic and vivacious as her. Jhalak Dikhla Ja- season- I was one first Dance Show that I was hooked to, and the 1st show to have watched regularly till the Finale after Ye Jo Hai Jindagi (telecasted in 80’s on Doordarshan channel).

I haven’t watched any other Dance Show or Reality show other than those- besides Bigg Boss. I have tried to jot down about their performances that transported me to a different world for an hour. This is just the right time when an individual can pursue their passion, without the much not wanted obligations and stresses of the afterwards grown up lives. Their level of energies is at best, the fears and apprehensions don’t exist in their minds. How many of us still do the somersaults? Or would dance without being scared of being “judged”?

To watch those tots perform was like watching thousands of Glowbugs doing their twinkling act moving across the bush in their own synchronized flights.

Here’s a small write about it. I have included Judge’s remark the songs and their attire.

  • Coconut Seller

Vice Captain of CDD, Yash Dhillon from Delhi had danced as the Coconut seller and kept jumping from bench to bench, throwing coconuts around (I hope they were not real).. Precise steps those were very energetic. At the end, he jumped and did a half somersault and sat stretched sipping the nut. It seemed he sold coconuts himself. He beautifully represented the dance trial- of a seller, whose coconuts were not selling.

Song- Mera hi Jalwa

Attire- of that of a Hyderabadi like Amitabh Bachchan in “Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain..” song. Only his socks and shoes were missing.. Yellow shirt, red and blue lungi; he literally pulled it up and tucked it in his broad black, belt before dancing.

Pony Verma said that Prabhu Deva should be called and showed this act.

Saroj Khan declared him to be the Badmash Company

  • Flaminco

The girl here in CDD, Vaibhavi who is from Delhi did a very good job herself. So flawlessly she had adapted a number that we are so used to seeing in pole dance sequence, that one wouldn’t want to even blink.

Song- “Mahi Ve” from “Kaante”. I had watched this number on YouTube just about yesterday. Someone had commented that “everyone who spill filth about Malaika should just try and move their legs round like she does and that alone would set a cramp in their a*ses. She had a terrible accident and her backbone was damaged; even walking would have been difficult for her and yet she came out from that and is a very recognized dancer and has maintained herself in great shape.”

Attire- Violet Tights with black pencil heel tip toes and black long frills flamenco skirt. It was fitted more like a long and big frill so she danced using it like a lehanga to whirl around.

Caesar said that when she grows up and if he is directing a movie then, he would cast her.

Saroj Khan said that she wouldn’t want to wait and write a teenage love story for her.

  • Michael Jackson

Viren from Ranchi, the captain of CDD danced a MJ; a style he has adapted ever since he had started dancing. He had gone a little low on his energy. I feel the choreography could have been a little more innovative- choreographers, please don’t stress on MJ alone. This Reality Dance show is about all sorts of dance forms. He had also participated in India’s Got Talent search- I

Song- Muqabla

Attire-.Typical black MJ style short cigarette trousers and broad gold detailing with a hat.

Ahmed Khan saw both Prabhu Deva and MJ dancing while sitting.

  • Aamir Khan

Cyrus the virus from Mangalore performed in front of a Katrina Kaif slide show. This number was originally directed by Farah Khan, he debut. She had used a technique wherein the song was acted upon in fast beat, and then the whole picturisation was set in slow motion- so the lip movement matched the (slow) pace of song; there was a dreamy feel to it. That was the first time it was done in Indian Cinema. Of course she was very much criticized when she entered the Indian Cinema, more than 2 decades back.

Awesome performance! It seemed as if he was really doing that for Katrina and not only that, one could easily accept his movements over Aamir Khan’s original slow motion movements. He had so nicely transitioned a number that is originally a very slow theme with dreamy feel. He twice got to swing on a hung tyre as well- what ease..

Bosco pulled his eyes from side to gesture that it was a chinky looking fellow. All judges pulled their eyes from side after his performance and he was given a standing ovation.

Song- “Pehla Nasha” from “Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander”- my personal favorite.

Attire-Red and Black check trousers with bright blue colored shirt. A pullover red and black wore on his neck which he used towards the end to do an act of dancing with the sweater as Aamir Khan did in that number.

Pony hugged the contestant.

Ahmed Khan wanted to know why it was Katrina; what if Salman picks up on him?

Saroj Khan came to his rescue saying that probably even Salman didn’t love her the way he did.. She also did a Jingalala Act (like tribals do to their Gods)

  • Junior Playboy Doll

Swasti from Bhagalpur was supposedly a multi- talented girl, as put by the host- Parvesh Rana. When asked what her ambition was, she replied very sweetly that her parents wanted her to be an astronaut, but she wants to be a superstar, because astronauts try and touch the stars what she’ll become; after being a superstar; very well said sweetie. She swayed like a bar dancer a.k.a. Rekha from Parinieeta. She did the act with so much poise and grace; she looked so sweet while doing since there’s this innocent look on her face. Her movements were perfect yet, she didn’t seem to be a woman; which the judges happen to notice and comment upon in a more shelled manner.

Song- Kaisi Paheli from Parineeta

Attire-Red and Black dress with hat, stick and pink glasses

Ahmed Khan said that she looked like yummy, salad and junior playboy Model.

Caesar said that they would now have to work on her in shelling out her cuteness and instead come her up as a dancer.

Saroj Khan said it’s only Lord that has to be praised who made someone like her.

  • Ganapati Bappa

A muslim boy danced on Ganesh Chaturthi- Maharashtra style. He touches elder’s feet in the morning and seeks their blessings. He is trained in freestyle dancing for 7 years and kathak for 1 year

Song- a devotional Ganesha song

Attire- orange kurta and dhoti with turban

Pony liked his air jumps. Overall the judges were not so happy with his performance.

Piyush from Jammu adopted the Locking style, dancing acting and comicing all at one time. With all the props and sound effects, it was a complete act of performance instead of dance alone. He acted as Charlie Chaplin. His steps were more than perfect. The best performance of the evening; very spontaneous, if he missed even half a beat, it would have shown. He got a standing ovation from all the judges.

Song- “O Pardesi” from “Dev D”. Wonder, how such off beat songs can be a base to such acts.

Attire- Charlie Chaplin, black and white.

All judges commented on his performance all at same time.. So there was an intended clash.

Saroj Khan pointed upwards after his performance probably wanting to say it’s HIM who made him. She said that he had made CDD proud. She further walked to the boy and kissed him making him go red… with her lipstick; an act that was imitated even by Pony. I wonder why can’t they use transfer resistant lippers or matt it up for the shoot?

  • Salman Khan- the thief

That’s what he is known as- Sallu. He acted that how a thief found a jacket that would not come off and instead makes him dance. His act was full of attitude. He stretched his arm for water and as Saroj Khan picked the bottle to give him, he took away her torch.. similarly, he picked up a contestant’s cap and tricked yet another judge. Made them look up like fools watching the sky and he picked up their glass. It was like hip- hop with loads of attitude thrown in.. Sparsh from Agra performed on a mix of funk and pop.

Alam himself kept rocking on his place like he was touched with a 440 watt electric wire. Two of the other fellow participant kept pulling him down; but to no avail

Song- Aaja Mahi

Attire- Hip Hop sort of outfit, black t- shirt, black checks trousers with one leg length shorter than the other; white jacket and black cap.

Ahmed Khan said that he had freaked them out.

Caesar awarded a standing ovation and said that it was great pleasure to have choreographed him.

Bosco said that he had done the choreographers proud.

  • Laavni

Gauri from Maharashtra danced a mix of hip hop and Laavni. Saroj Khan had directed the original number for Madhavi and said why she couldn’t think of such beautiful steps..

Song- “Main Kolhapur se aayi hoon”

Attire- She wore a ¾ jeans, a blouse like top with red pallu fitted on it.. they could have done much better, the effect was not so great.

The judges thought that she could have done better.

  • Kaala Monkey

Shyam from Mumbai acted on a number which was to portray a concept of how a man and monkey are different. How neatly not only he danced as both monkey and man, but also was able to reflect upon the differences. As soon as he would turn sides, his performance and enactment as man and monkey would switch without even split second delay.. And that was not all, he could also convey the concept of an ever greedy man and only sticking to fruits monkey very well.

Her mother was called upon the stage. She gifted him the dress he wore on Annual Function when he was all of 3-1/2  years of age. She wore an orange and blue saree in front pallu pattern and was a very simple woman. She said that she was illiterate and would definitely bring her child up in every way possible. They had to travel all the way from Goregaon to Mallad and yet Shyam had never complained about the same.

Attire- He wore a mask at the back of his head. His dress was white at front and monkeyish at the back complete with black fur like a gorilla.

Song- “Kala Bander” from “Delhi-6”

Ahmed Khan said that it was a very matured and grown up type of performance and he justified it. Since it was done on 1 stage and was shot in one take, it was outstanding.

Pony Verma had tried something herself sometime and had failed; very modest of her to share that.

Saroj Khan said that nowadays, people dance up in the sky, dance falling from the sky and climb up the wall and dance, displaying acrobats; and here was the act that had a monkey and with yet no acrobats. That was a compliment.

  • Cyborg

Sanjana from Chandigarh danced like a robot and picked up MJ, cyborg and a human form very well

Song- medly of “Aaj ki Raat” from “Don”- SRK and “Smooth Criminal” by MJ

Attire-.Very sci- fi, black with silver detailing

Saroj Khan said that it was a mix of Kung- fu, Karate. Her performance was electric and did the wild expressions well.

  • Conventional Child labor

Tejaswini from Rourkela conveyed a message against Child Labor.. Her theme was contemporary and she swayed as if it was not her but a dancer asked to dance for her life and with all her life. She was given a standing ovation by all the judges.

Song- “Ae Dil Tu Bataa” from “Rang De Basanti”

Attire- Blue tights and beige cowl strings

Pony Verma said that it was one of the rare performances to be seen on Indian Stage; she danced of an international level.

Bosco did the Jingalala act and said that she had made them proud.

Both Ceasar and Ahmed Khan hugged her

Saroj Khan said that she looked like an angel; had made the contemporary dance form look so easy which is otherwise thought of to be not so.


There were 4 performances that were in bottom 4; their fate will be decided by public votes. How so justified! People who passinately watch these programs are the ones who do not usually own a cell, and even if they may, they cant send sms; they may not be literate or affluent to keep sending bonkers sms to save the kid. And anyways, why isn’t the kids talent made to speak for him/her? Ideally,

  • All the kids should have been made to perform different dance styles every week.
  • A different theme should have been picked up every week.
  • Judges then, award points for their act, as well as grace.
  • In the end after such collective performances, the points should have been aggregated and hence the title.
  • And certainly not by Public Voting- no sense in involving the Public in this manner when most of them may not even be aware of the difference between Salsa and Flamenco.. (THEY ARE DANCE STYLES)

Afternote- 18th July, 2010

The Top 4 kids who would strive for the Title are:

  • Piyush- J and K
  • Tejaswini- Rourkela
  • Sparsh- Agra
  • Gauri- Maharashtra

Chak Dhoom Dhoom CDD- 17th July, 2010- Saturday Episode

Grand Finale Final Video

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