Dilli Haat- II

I happen to visit SN again, yesterday. Just like that; no special reason this time. After an hour’s stride, I decided to go to Dilli Haat. After an ugly incident, I had visited only once in December- 2009 to check out any new addition in shells and conches.

I headed to the shell shop straight; the merchant greeted me with a little less enthusiasm this time. He hails from Calcutta, a Bong and have been stalling it there in Dilli Haat for the last 10 years or so.. He gets to exhibit in IITF- Pragati Maidan also, during those 15 days of Trade Fair. Apparently, there has been loads of miscommunication about a few shell species that have been banned. It seems that the State Government knows nothing about molluscs, and have pressurized the shell merchants by saying “a cat would definitely grow up to be the lion” (those were the very words of Jaipal; the owner of that stall); and so even the sheller- man (like fisherman) have been put behind the bars..

Lambis Chiragra- Spider Conch

Lambis Scorpius

How shocking and shameful. The people who are brewing laws, don’t know their subject and could not differentiate between a conch, cowry , shells or the likes; much less between a Lambis chiragra and Lambis scorpius.

She sells sea- shells on the sea- shore; not anymore..

I was obviously upset.. I had wanted to see some newer varieties!! The merchant was just sad too.. Well, the Law stirring Gang should be made to sit in Biology classes- Zoology section, and made to learn all about the invertebrates and gastropods. By the way, squids also belong to the same phylum, Ms. Maneka Gandhi seems to have done nothing to save them from becoming a local cuisine. And, for the ignorants, molluscs too are eaten- Oyster sauce.. remember now?

While we had just started to talk about the subject, Mr. Sharma came hopping by and greeted me! I ignored at first, and then asked him to disappear. He did. While moving around, I thought about it again, and went back to that Mr. Sharma’s stall. He was quietly sat at his stall. He is a Miniature Painting Artist- and a tad good one at that. If I am saying so, you would have to believe it. Reasons- I am a National Level Gold Medalist in Drawing/Painting, a qualified Textile Designer and with Merit points. Anyone who has seen my home knows- what all I have been doing lately with handicrafts.. and besides, he is the same gentleman who had offended me biggie the last time. Some halo had sat on his crown, and he had decided to apologize. Alright, apologies accepted.

I went to his stall and said that since he spoke with me in a nice manner, I had no reasons why I should have not replied. Another 10 minutes were divided into apology- explanation, that I asked him to be left alone for good for all times; and his Paintings. He showed a few works and definitely, he does a fine job with those single strand brushes. I know, I have already said that once.

Well, it was a nice conclusion or may I say beginning..

Picked up a glass of bruit bear and emptied it like watering a parched pot. Bought another one and went out of the gate. The 2nd glass was also bare by then. I sat in the car and moved towards taking the flyovers back home. Emptied a mineral water bottle.

What now.. came home, washed, had dinner. Watched Uttaran and Balika Vadhu repeat at 11pm since I reached at 8.25pm. The 1st telecast is at 8pm. Thats it.

Good Night..

Or not, that was yesterday.. today, its still evening and “winding..”

Some rains please..

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