I celebrated this Weekend with my “Friend”

5th June, 2010

It’s been a few weekends now that I have been posting details on my weekend celebrations. Here’s what I did last weekend.

It was only on Friday evening that I realized that it was already a weekend. I was so upset since my boss was back on Wednesday night 😦 I could not bear the thought of his screams around and on phone even while communicating with me. Like a true Gemini, he also may is born with a phone in his hand; or may be two in both of his hands. Talking in a soft manner or atleast at an audible frequency is like asking for rain in summers- that’s right. And, if he is pissed- well then, he would pick up on everything possible to make my existence doomed. In all these years, I have had my share of arguments and annoyance too. So what if I may have won all- atleast most of them; he is ready with yet another- the next day.

I had sat nursing my wounds in the afternoon of Thursday when I noticed a big, fat comment on my Blog..!! Of course I was glad to see that; the post it were sat on, made me a little inquisitive. I swell with pride when I realized that it was from my friend- Sneh. She justifies her name- Love, affection and compassion. While reading her comment and replying to it, my mind went retrograde and stopped just where I was put in Toucan Mobile process- back when I worked with Baxy. She was the Quality Analyst for the landline section of the same process. She would call her self “chinku” with pride. Alright, she is then a straightforward, no- nonsense girl. Not bad- I had thought. Soon, we had become somewhat close- if that explains. I have had a few team- mates who would tell me to stay away from her- mainly because they were taken to task for their nuisance (LOL)- that they anyways were. I never paid heed to their fumbling..

Diwali bash at Baxy- 2006 would always be memorable to me. I had dressed up in mauve lehanga (Indian Traditional Long skirt), complete with make- up and top- knot hair- do and landed at workplace. “Traditional” was the theme and I made it a point to become the brand ambassador. Rajeev Ganotra “received” me at the Office Gate and needless to mention, everyone was pleasantly surprised. There were even some hush- talks if I was married. Now, how were the two things related? Like I cared..!! Given the fact that I definitely like to dress up and am a big sport and I freak out on Lavender shades- they should have let me be. Nevermind..

Sneh had so prettily dressed up in her state traditional dress- blue Chinese silk (mmm…)

Deepti had rushed out (of course after coaxing our Tl- Rachana) after half shift- to be with her beau. I flaunted and floated around in my “mesmerizing appeal”- let me believe that for this post please. Sneh had spent most of her time with me and clicked a few pictures with her cellphone. She kind of.. has broken a myth. Anytime I got myself clicked, no matter what, my friendship with the related people had ended. I was forced to shift out, no matter what, from that place (people, locality, and office- whatever). A couple of days later, she IM- ed me that she had that picture loaded on her computer and called me at her workstation to show. Wow, that was so nice a snap. She emailed the snap to my personal ID after a few days. How sweet of her to have done that! Nobody else had taken any pains in doing that. I felt good in her company; this was when I was in deep sh*t trying to figure out what to do with my already stale marriage (read: another post). She had made me so comfortable- not that we had ever sat with my “oh so poor girl” episode ever; there was something that had made me feel relaxed. Some people have it in them, I guess.

There was yet another Baxy party that was organized in Sylvan Chef wherein Sneh offered to drive a whole bunch of girls to the venue and back. So she was a team player too.. It was towards the fag end of our tenure that we started sharing our personal details too (yeah- all those things that seems dirty when one’s into it; and we laugh off upon when out of it). She had heard everything patiently with no judgements on offer. I had bought so many pearl strings in different colors. A couple of times I had gone to her home to check the stones she would sell. She had advised then that I need not really invest into such impractical things and should rather save. Once I have enough to “waste”, I could get hold of those from any place.  She had reminded me how mom used to ask me to study hard and prioritize. Not that they were so expensive, but to even have spared a thought as sensible as that, had made me grow fond of her.

We lost touch since I got involved in sorting out my yet another mess (read: another post) that I had parked myself in after I walked out of my marriage. No, not with any man here, it was a woman who had troubled my state of being. That was through 2008.

I had created my profile in Facebook in April this year and had located Sneh back. I smiled like a fool- that I so am (anyways). We had planned to meet- on FB chat; she offered to come- over and I was overjoyed. She would have been the 1st of my friends to have come to my home. Saturday, on 5th June, 2010, she had indeed come over- bunking her office for a couple of hours. We had sat talking and talking and it didn’t seem as if we had met after a long time. It was as if only yesterday; we had felt connected. What better way than this to have celebrated a weekend? How I slogged till she came over with work is a separate story altogether. That’s how my weekends are when my Boos is around. Someone send him out of town again- anyone- please.

Hurriedly, we ate our lunch at my place and she went back to her work. I tried to muse. I didn’t feel stressed like I usually feel after meeting people- they eventually ask me so many questions that make me crawl through my not so pleasant memories and situation (to some extent- still). The “ifs” and the “buts” and every other apprehension in between; she had asked about none. I was pretty balanced when she had left; and was not at all sulking. I showed her the picture she had clicked now framed at my home. She remembered those and we had chatted about that on FB. I was so touched when she tried to recall all about those things- so, I am not the only sentimental one..

She seemed to be contented and settled. We all go through our own set of dilemmas and rough patches; hers were over now. Now as we discussed them, it seemed so distant and un- related; and that’s how those ought to have been even earlier. She is now married to her childhood crush and works in an IT company here in Gurgaon, close to my house. She liked my house a lot. Sneh, please post on how neatly and beautifully I have maintained it. Those hand- made curtains and wall- hangings- include those as well 😀

Even though she had commented that we were only colleagues who only happened to bump into each other- somewhat a fact, she had been more like a friend to me. Very sensitive and understanding; she had always made me go carefree. I had never worried about how she may be thinking of me- I didn’t ever need to. And then, she had crossed the bounds of being mere colleagues and had held my hand- while we graduated to become friends. 1st friend ever to have come to my home when I had so wanted her to. How so very opposite of the others, who happen to be all, submerged under their daily and familial obligations. Nevermind..

She made me happy, smile like a maverick and gave me a post to write; actually two. The 2nd part of the story is what Sneh narrated to me; I would have wanted to post it anyways- good that she had herself asked me to.

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