Who is smirking now..??

It was on 16th May, 2010 that this Gang War took place- I said Gang War.

I had so wanted to call that as a Perfect Weekend; and had almost. The mother of voyeurism had spoiled it so bad, that the next 10 days were as if I was in exile. I had subjected myself to Denial Mode. I had lost my appetite; my blood pressure had shot up, and merry well stayed put there for days together. I just didn’t speak with anyone even at work.

While I had been overjoyed to have enjoyed perfect silence and solitude, the Devil’s Horns poked me and I went downstairs to inspect my Flower Garden. The Electricity had been off for 2 hours then– I couldn’t stay put any more. This next building 1st floor girl, who is a big pile on (that she is; she crazily invites herself over and confesses herself as a “friend” to anyone and everyone around), happened to come and ask me if I had deliberately kept the Garden Tap on– that was none of her business’ and I had asked her to spare herself of the bother. She offered an explanation that she had been worrying sick upon who had kept the tap on– when all I had said was “Thank you”. I didn’t need any of her explanations. She had stomped towards her house, and a raging mom had come down- she had called upon me pretty rudely and had demanded if what her daughter had said was “wrong”. I clarified that I had not spoken a word beyond what I have mentioned here- above. She labeled me as a “Liar”. She could not believe that that’s all I had said to her 27 years old grown up daughter, who had sat crying her eyes out. I folded my palms and sought her leave saying that if that’s how she was to talk, better we didn’t.

She had felt offended; so had I- PLEASE. But then, if she had already formed an opinion, no matter what I would have said, she would have stuck herself on to the judgement and that’s exactly what she was displaying. She had changed her pitch, and in the most uncouth manner screamed that she knew what my “social status” was. Oh yes, I know it too, I am an orphan, leading a life of an illegal child, and a woman- who had walked out of her marriage. So what about it? I had still maintained my cool and had requested her to end the conversation, and restrain herself from talking to me. She had retorted saying that she as well didn’t need to “keep up” with a woman like me. In vernacular, she had went on naming all that she could, till I decided that I could take no more. I upped my volume and yet went dreadfully low- pitched and answered that she now would have to go silent and that, I WOULD NOT take all that nonsense lying down.

She had hurriedly made an exit. All this while, the coy, demure and oh so naïve girl stood witness to her created mess. Not even once, did she interject from the Balcony that she had been an audience from. The lady did- whatever best she could to defend her daughter; only she didn’t and wish to know what the reality was. At a distant stance before that, I had told them that I liked to keep to myself and don’t take everyone as “friends”; much less someone who is so keen on back- stabbing (read: another post). The details of that one would have to wait. They had been not all that trustworthy or dependent neighbors, and hence, I had completely looked through them; a fact that was conveyed to them when Ms. M had come barging on me yet one another previous time. Madame M had been conveyed the state of my mind for them and was made to understand that I just didn’t want to look their way; much less socialize.

They had been pretty aware of the same; Ms. M. had a couple of times mentioned that she had felt that I had ignored her- to her ground floor neighbor. R has been nice to me- and definitely non- interfering. I mean- I am not the kind who would freak out when some one would howl from her Balcony- “Hi Didi”, when all I may be trying to do is to just watch-over the butterflies in my Garden. Neither would I appreciate someone screaming her lungs out (from her 1st floor balcony) to mention that she was my best buddy- to my visitors and complete strangers to her. Nor would I tolerate a sequence of self introduction and appreciation with my house land- lord at their visit to my place. I mean- what business does she have to get into my sphere? For crying out loud, the “keep out” message was “traveled” to them the 1st time itself when they had been so nasty with me- in Bold and Underlined.

On 2nd thoughts; does she stay in the Balcony itself that she is always updated on who comes around, and when?

That’s right- she happens to be the Barging Queen. Take note; how all the times she had invited herself over on me and started “chatting” to me uselessly. The other day she had wanted to know as to whose idea was that of utilizing that waste area and making a garden out of it- was it me or my maid? What do I do sitting upstairs the whole day long. Could she not utilize “her spare time” in something worth than investigating up on me and other too?

She had only yesterday gone to R asking for his car when he had ridiculed her no end. May I say that she deserves that insult- anyways? She had retorted by saying that I was becoming his best friend and hence he had been ignoring Ms. M. Just when would she take the message- maybe never? He had “scared” her saying that I was now resorting to Black Magic for calling upon her- all the ill- fate. Somebody please, take me out of such “moronious” conversation (conveyed by R and then, re- conveyed by Ms. M). I had never subscribed to such crazy humor- to say the least. R had no business to be distributing highly illogical and rumorous facts involving me. I had immediately escalated that to my boss who is my guardian too. I had to seek his help earlier as well. He being an elder, could assert in much nastier way; my saying the same things would have offended them. Why do people forget that I am on my own; and being so, I am my own parent and would defend myself like my parents would have?

It’s because of these elders too missing the point- that I keep to myself.

A series of never ending phone calls had started. My boss called up Ms. M.’s parents, and briefed them up on that I was no where connected to R’s nonsensical- perhaps joke. Then, Madam M had kept apologizing till late at night yesterday to him. Ms. M then called him up in the noon, and gave a junkful of explanations. Even though he had warned her to stay away from me, Ms. M. had again forced herself on me in the evening- when I had committed a crime of strolling in my Garden. She cried and shrieked and did everything else that didn’t justify. She had felt embarrassed to say the least and was “seeking” forgiveness on her mom’s behalf (scripting). She had said that a number of times; only I didn’t want to hear it at all.

What a mom daughter duo the two of them are.

  • 1stly, Ms. M could not handle her affairs on her own.
  • Madam M crawls down all charged up to belittle me without trying to learn the facts.
  • Ms. M didn’t intervene when it was necessary.
  • Then Madam and Ms. M could not stay firm to their “verdict” of they not being in need to talk to such a “loose” woman.
  • The topping being, that the lady had come defending her daughter; and here stood Ms. M, showing her mom down, after the lady herself had been feeling “embarrassed” about the mis- episode to my boss.

That’s enough- I didn’t want any of their apologies, sympathies and tears. If at all, I can make them bleed through their eyes.

  • Wasn’t I a street- walker anymore?
  • Had my “back- ground” vanished in thin air?
  • Wasn’t I a subject of Public Embarrassment anymore?
  • Hell! I am sticking to my stand- why could not they anymore?

What if I had slogan- ed a few expletives, after having been labeled- anyways? What if I had made myself a mirror- reflecting upon her the same un- couth behavior? Her dad swore that he had heard me saying her daughter “shut up”!! Ms. M, please grow up. You would be married in the next couple of months and I don’t fore- see a very bright situation for you- unless you stop being a kid.

No, I am not happy about it. It was an ugly incident to begin with and would always remain so. All the passersby had stood around as spectators the other day. I am not in a habit of beating the brass plate to seek others’ attention and narrate my story; certainly when I am not guilty. It was a complete show-down to say the least.

  • I didn’t hold good opinion about the Sharma family even earlier (they are a certified bunch of hypocrites)
  • After that drama, they had ceased to exist for me. I had not come down for weeks together in shame.
  • Infact, Ms. M’s barging on me yet again this evening and talking to me, has made me go off- balance again. She had held me tight (eauuuhhh) and puked whatever she had to.

She now wants me to go over to her place (and do what again?), wants me to join with her on FB now. What patience, she had searched my profile; my name is the 1st one if you search “Olivia” in FB. What great advantage it was of to be there!! What humor, she couldn’t work- out a relationship, when I technically stay next door and now wants to hit it on FB. And I would have to accept what she would sent to me at my place. Spare me of the Horror!! Wouldn’t she herself now not become a wh*re like I so am..???

Her mom wasn’t home today, so I certainly didn’t want to antagonize her any further by walking away, or even speaking up at all. I had tried my best to tell her that she should stop hovering around everyone and ME. She was a grown- up girl herself, she had no business to be sending her mom fight her case- and just what was the case- that I didn’t speak with her? I had always been ignoring her- anyways. Well, I had never been open to any conversation with her and that’s a fact known to all; atleast her family including herself. When my Boss had intervened not once but twice after that skit, Mr. Sharma had stood firm that I had been rude and had said “what all”- now what happened to those claims? Why such change of stand- when all he had done yesterday was to update them that I was not privy to what R had said (her best buddy).

He had been as much curt as he could have been, when on two occasions he had talked to Mr. Sharma after that nonsensical and theatrical mis- representation of the facts. I had tried playing by their rules of sending an elder to represent my stand. What had brought over such mesmerizing change now? Maybe it’s the assurance- that I am not into Black magic, or that I didn’t connive with R. A typical bunch of Losers that they are; their typical course of socializing with neighbor go as:

  • Ms. M first barges on (repeatedly) till you Love her or Leave her
  • Her mother crawls in either of the state and spoils it further
  • Then the whole family goes apologizing to the entire neighborhood of their “mistake”

They have been apologizing to My Boss and Me since the last two days and to R ever since they created that racket. They had wanted R to support them, and had been piling on extra since the next morning and were kicked in their butt for their mannerisms- by him too. In his own verbiage- he was shocked to hear about that mis- incident. They had misbehaved a number of times with him too- what family?

They have been apologosong to My Boss, R and Me

Whatever, Ms. M, its time you morph into a woman and a grown up one at that, and behave your age.

And Madam M., kindly keep out; I’ll live.

Mr. M., Madam had once said that you were pretty “strict”, do ensure adherence now.

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6 Responses to Who is smirking now..??

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  2. Paras says:

    some people are born to be sorry….
    some grow up to be sorry
    some define the word itself..

    why dont they let you enjoy the garden?
    i guess they dont know the meaning of peace …

    its very easy to say that u r all by urself but very challenging to live it thru..

    do u carry baseball bat along…
    next time try a homerun….

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah, I guess some people really know the nuances of “pencil-in”. Pardon my words. She is about to be married soon. Let’s see how she exerts her “I am so pure at heart” to her new family. Will she still want her mom to settle the disagreements..? I wish her luck. She needs loads of it..

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