Friday Fever

I am so elated. It’s Friday- Man!!

Its weekend.. @$#@$@#%%^$

I am at work at my home, and slogging too but is manageable as always :). This week had been somewhat eventful for me. My friend Sneh had come to my home last weekend. I was also able to compile a write about her that she had requested me to. She had wanted me to write about how she got married to her child- hood crush. I was overjoyed that she had considered me worth enough to let me write about her and put that across on my Blog- for the entire world to read about it. Didn’t I say that my friends are my biggest treasure I could have ever earned?

Now, I want fame, and wish to be a real big-time Celebrity; one that I have always wanted to be.

It was a refreshing change for me to write about her. So, what was so special about it- if at all? For starters, she had remembered the time we had spent together at work and all that we had shared other than “work”. And if this too counts, then- she had taken out time from her work to comeover and see me at my place. Now, I am touched. And, she had definitely not set me to spin with those “tricky” and “cheeky” queries. She too was as curious and concerned but had been more “understanding” in understanding the unspoken words instead of making me say the words that would have sent me to a spinning drill afterwards.

I get very tired after talking about my things- past or even present. Reasons: it’s kind of, as if revisiting my unpleasant past which still has a few of its branches shooting in my present too. I already encounter face to face with those everyday; to discuss about the hopeless situation yet again makes me so sick- literally. It’s double the pain. She had not ventured into any of those- God Bless her. Some people should have been closer to us in terms of relationship and proximity than what they actually may be to us in real life. I was so stable even after when she had left. It was over- all a very rejuvenating experience.

So, I guess; I am able to live and lead my Life- yet again.

Having posted the requested assignment- I felt overjoyed. She had let me write about her Love- Story which my Readers had thought was not my forte. I know it must have been a nice change for all of you to have read that. It was not the usual killer types post 😀 Infact, a couple of my avid readers had picked that up instantly and even posted comments when they knew- nothing about or, Sneh. That’s a Great Honor to me. Compiling that was like watching a nice love- story that I haven’t since Hum- Tum- a very much of my own life sequence- only my Saif was not a Karan or may be one- so dumb. Did I say- “MY” Saif..?

I had enjoyed weaving her events in words. It is always beautiful to write about something nice. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I could write a miniature biography of my friend. I hope; I have been able to put it up in the manner she had wanted me too. It was kind of little experimentive for me too. It was a great responsibility for me to have take note of the details and type them back on the keyboard. If only I had actually made notes; that would have saved me from bothering her for a few left out details 😦 Lesson learnt 🙂

She kind of reminded me of my Love story too– only that I haven’t completed that beyond a few posts. I would soon now. While writing that post, I was constantly being pulled back by my own memories. The songs, sequence and the sharing (whatever little we had), have all been coming back to me. Oh no- by songs I didn’t mean those sung across the garden- around the tree posts, neither the sequences were of any dance number. We were too young to have even realized; but then, when we did, we did nothing about it. Atleast, he didn’t, I had tried to work that out so bad. Apparently, my 1st crush was my last crush..!! And no- that’s not romantic- I definitely want to be in Love again- with someone as loveable or may be not. He was coward and mute. Leave him here for now. I don’t want to talk about him in detail here.

I think, I feel strong enough today to reveal it here- I have been stuck at my home since November of 2008; since I shifted here in Palam Vihar. It used to make me so upset thinking of that a gregarious and outgoing girl like me was so cruelly made to sit still at my home- all day, for all the 24 hours a day and 3o days a month long. Not may be for all the 365 (or 366) days of an year- since, I do travel to MN a couple of times a year to meet Gudiya- my Salon friend, and SN, Dilli Haat in winters. Don’t ask me about the reasons yet. You would know of them through my future posts. Notice how I had traveled 2 times when my boss was out of town for only 5-1/2 days last week. May I add that those were the best days of my life- this year 😉 ? So, what I am trying to say here is- that I have made my immobility my stepping stone now. I now sit in front of the Computer Monitor, gazing at it for the maximum part of my waking hours, beating its keys for it to tell my tale to all. By these standards, I think I had an affair with this box since December- 2007 when unknowingly I had beaten up its keys to produce that email; and now, maybe in the state of knowing each other better when I am sharing my life- story with it. So far, it has recorded all my narratives in its “writes” folder in E: Drive. E for.. EPIC, maybe. So, maybe computers have developed an artificial intelligence. My this computer must have felt that urge I always had to write- about myself. It must have foreseen my future of being stuck up in my house and so had offered to help and become my mediator in conveying my thoughts. I speak my mind to it and it displays the same to all for everyone to read what’s inside my mind. So far, so good- I wish to include all of that here now.

And I do go out to buy groceries once in 2 months. My maid gets the veggies..

My boss has again gone on travel 🙂, don’t rejoice yet, he would be back by tomorrow 😦

Will try to put across some more posts on my Wedding Affair; there’s loads of other bloody affairs (as in instances, and not just love- affairs alone), waiting to paint the computer screen red. Even though it’s been winding warm, there’s no trace of Rains. Clouds do fly by like cotton wool swabs but they don’t join and condense. Maybe we all need to do things whatever we know of- Rain- dance, Raag Malhar, Puja- path- whatever..

I have started unwinding. For crying out loud, its Friday…………………

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4 Responses to Friday Fever

  1. cyncissueli says:

    Nice to have read it on Saturday..

  2. George says:

    Beautiful words.. I was unable to stop till I read till last.

  3. Leatassersose says:

    WOW.. nice

  4. Georgia says:

    I’m so tired, it was a busy day at work. I’m happy it’s going to the end.
    Have you a busy day too? Have you got some idea for relaxing after work?
    Please post them to and help me find a solution because i feel exhausted.
    Kind regards

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