Apply for Job @ your own Risk

Read below an article as was published in The Times of India- 21st June, 2010. No information could be googled out related to this article in TOI or otherwise. This instance is not a new one; only the registration of that is something different.
After False Promise; read Broken Promise.

Scanned image of the article in TOI newspaper- 21st June, 2010

This one is comparatively different.

  • A girl applies for a job..
  • Then waits for months before joining someplace else..
  • The Previous Company then calls her back..
  • Hands over an Appointment Letter.
  • As she was to join..
  • She was asked to sit through fresh rounds of Interview..
  • And then denied the job- Hilarious..!!

What were they thinking?

It only reflects upon the Company’s Management System. If this is how one is treated even before joining; how does it do to the already employed work- force?

How about a sticky- post at the Company Entrance Gate- “The Company would never Hire you- why even apply?”

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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