They are all the same..

This one’s, one of those light minded- quick reads. I have a Facebook profile too- my recent venture i.e., Facebook had been kind enough to let me be with my Single name. I face issues around every corner with my Single Name and Status..

And I couldn’t enjoy more. People’s funny comments, wild bewilderment and wide eyed reactions, give me a lot to understand about this prudish Society that I so am a part of.

I have been able to “locate” most of my friends here in Facebook. From School- time till a few unknown additions too. Bless me- that they have been most civilized to chat with. I know that a man is supposedly be attracted to a woman; but definitely not propose marriage after a “Hi”. Don’t muse over it- chances are that they may be running a Trafficking Network and no; I am not an orthodox. Breathe.

So, what I was trying to tell you is this- I have yet another Blog-; wherein I put all those Societal reactions and even about the General Downward Trend that its moving with. I have a quote glittering at the bottom of the Widgets that says this- They Laugh because I’m Different, I Laugh because they are the same. I found a distorted version of the quote floating around on Facebook as a Status Update-

People smile at me cause i am diffrent….I smile on them cse they are oll Same … !!!!

Now we all know who is “different” and who is not- and yes, we are laughing out real loud.

They say that Imitation is the Best form of Flattery- Fine. But what about the people who I had never interacted beyond a formal “Hi” with, when physically were around? Or those, who may have declined my Friend Request, maybe because of the same reasons and now taking pride in “copying” my matter? Certain things would always remain ambiguous to me. Without depicting their other “adventurous” ventures; they reflect upon their Double standards or a lack of even one- to begin with.

May I say- Nevermind? And REST; since now I know that I’m so “affecting” and my Writes are tough to be left out? In other words, my presence in whatever form is so affecting. That’s enough of Self- Praise for the Day. I might as well leave it at that since there are people who would anyways beat my bRand-wagon and already at it.

May I say that I am thrilled:

One, to know that I am tough to be resisted- since, why else they may be visiting my Blog?

Two, they gave me loose fodder to crop up a write.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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