Its Friday and am loving every second of it..!!

It rained heavy yesterday, making the weather beautiful. It stormed, poured and everything else, that Rains should be like.

I had wrapped up my Work somewhat early. I had sat browsing around Facebook a bit today. I had some time by my side. I don’t socialize much; okay, at all. I have my reasons. I don’t wish to hear those obnoxious personal questions in name of being concerned; let alone answer. I am perceived as a snob- and so.. Anyways, what about it- then? I am anyways better off, than those, who call-up only when they need tomatoes and chilies. I keep to myself most of the times; Speaking only when bumped into; that as well “selectively”. Else, I look through. I don’t wish to be subjecting myself to people’s hostility. I mean why should I?

When hit hard; even the toughest of the rocks’ particles. I am only a Human. My heart is fragile, emotions susceptible and feelings vulnerable. And, aren’t we supposed to do a few things that make us happy? I do; most of them. Moreover, I don’t find it relevant enough to become “the taken for granted” one; simple. My friends would verify- that how fool-hardy, emotional- fool and an enormous dumb one I have been.

For me, replying to a “Hi” is tough. The next comes- “How are you?” Answering that one’s too tricky for me. Hundreds of emotions come and flutter on my face. Thousands of memories hoot and haunt at the same time. Memories scratch my mind and experiences take me years back. I mutely crawl back to my present and then wonder painfully that How may I have been. Really now, mind speeds farther than a light year. While that’s a unit to measure in linear dimension only; mind travels you in multi-dimensional thoughts. I mean if that’s the unit; how would you calculate the stats? Mind maybe the antonym of Black- hole.

While that is black and hollow; and yet consumes- all that is around. Mind is myriad colored; an extension of ether and connects through omniscience.

Sky maybe the only Limit; mind is Boundless. Sky may be surrounding us- the empty space being that. Mind, is in every living form, constricted within ourselves and yet; constituting a humungous universe in each one of us.

Could mind be yet another dimension then? Maybe, the linking transitory space or media, to the occult dimension?

I confirm that I am sober right now- thanks for asking.

Perhaps, that may be the reason that we don’t hold “Thinking” contests. It just can’t be quantified. Just close your eyes and breathe in. Try and release all thoughts. Please open up your eyes in 10 seconds. Now, even as you tried to bare all thoughts; were you able to. Try as many times or for as long as you may want to; you would be consumed with thoughts. Your mind would start a whirl of thoughts and create a web for your imagination to crawl upon. So now, is it WE or our mind THAT IS?

All art, skills and form of depictions originate from mind. Whirling in, it develops a concept; and then whirling out, it possesses over us, making us to exhibit and display.

A buzz develops in my third eye (the space between your eyes at the centre), and feel so liberated.

Instead of becoming a pawn and laughing stock; I consider worthwhile to read my own mind. Often it slides me to a beautiful plethora of colors and pronouncing Bliss. The clock ticks with the beat of my heart; the a/c unit hums a few songs, depending upon the voltage. Try, it does base its sound on one of the swaras. So does the train; when rumble passes just across 50mtrs from my place.

I would utilize my mind this weekend to weave a few designs with words. Or maybe, utilize this weekend to weave certain compositions in my mind.. Whichever 🙂

And then, display that in my showcase of MindlyMatters Blog.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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