Soggy Sunday

It was wet and soggy all around. The birds didn’t chirp. Only 7.30 in the morning; what had made me wake up so early?

The frogs are happily croaking around. That can be heard even with the a/c unit switched on. I had wanted to post this as soon as I was awake; thanks to the power breakdown. It had rained since 4 in the morning. It had then stormed for close to an hour. Trees seem to have hit it off with the Electrical Cables and eventually fallen in love over those. The corpses now have been removed and light switched back on. The voltage has been so high that the UPS had blocked me out of switching the computer on for 1-1/2 hours.

About the croaking; their collective noise is so loud, as if in a wild night. For crying out loud, its 1.15 in the afternoon; and their joy knows no end..

It had been drizzling till 12 noon. Needless to say that the weather had made me forget the heat- I mean Delhi heat! In Palam Vihar, one can’t move about without a vehicle; today, one can’t drive across even in a vehicle. I am not referring to the puddles and potholes. The park, barren lands, side- walk and the connected roads are all submerged into knee deep water. To reside in Ansal’s Palam Vihar, one must own a boat too. Since RWA isn’t really working towards a shuttle service; the owner (s) would benefit throughout the rains. That way, they could park their vehicle, up on the boat and save the break down too; apart from the extra income.

TGIS, or else, that would have been worse.

A few pretty wings have started fluttering across enjoying the drizzle. Even though they have started chirping; the croak is far louder. Every time that I go down after dark, I happen to locate a couple of those sat in bewilderment next to the glass window. Hopelessly they start jumping around, to get out when they hear anyone walking down the stairs. It’s become more of an evening ritual for me to then sweep them out to the Garden. The small hoppers get stuck when someone locks the door after walking in. There’s this door that has to be unlocked to walk into and out of the building.

Once out, they croak back as if to thank me. If only I had started kissing all of those; in the next year or two, I would have made a Prince out of one!! My Garden’s full of those and today it seems, so is Palam Vihar. LOL.

The sky is still dark and cloudy. The water logging is still a feet deep or up- whatever. I am sleepy, since I become restful in such weather. Not sure of the monsoons; but if this is how it’s going to rain this year, then it would cover the lost year too.

For now, I am stuck at my home. Perhaps a coffee can cure.

4.30pm- as dark as 7.30pm; drizzling again.

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