Blessed state of the PV Residents

Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Electricity Department

To call and ask for the untimely power-cuts that is so usual, call- up at:

  • +91 7827288906 till 9
  • SatNarayan- Supervisor- +91 95609 94105
  • Head/Incharge- Mr. Saxena- +91 9810370448

All through summers, Palam Vihar have suffered of Random Power Cuts. Alibis:

  • From the Main Powerhouse/sub-station
  • (Immediately there- after), only Palam Vihar
  • (and yet again), for this particular block
  • No rains..!! (So, what about it?)

It has been raining for a week now, the transformer oil and cables Would not be getting heated up anymore. Now what??

  • Yesterday night, the lights went out at 9.30pm. For close to 2 hours, all of them pre-posed that due to rains they were unable to rectify the fault.
  • Wherein, the Fore-men, who was supposed to switch- on the lights from the Power- house had been blissfully sleeping.
  • Wonder of wonders– The Foremen woke up; as soon as the Electricity guys were asked to give their statement to the Police who was to reach them in next couple of minutes.
  • This was at 1.30am that I had called up the Police and requested their interference and assistance.
  • Till so long, they had offered (and had succeeded too as well), all the cock and bull stories about everything happening, excepting the Electricity and that “we residents” were to be complacent  without the lights for the night.
  • Already, for 4 hours in the daytime, they had made the Residents suffer on account of “storms have damaged the cables” pretext.
  • The Electricity connection was also extended to Dharam Colony– an un-authorized dwelling, against us. They claim that the same had been removed yesterday. Out of the 50% times that the Electricity connection was affected, it was because of some fault at this Colony. Though Satnarayan had wanted to know if “I had hated the Poor”.
  • Even more surprising was the fact that not many residents were following it up. That’s an usual picture. No one moves their booty to understand why there are so many cuts and for random hours and random timings.

Only a couple of months back, when the same Electricity Deptt and Linemen have been “lying” about the “Cuts” being from sub- station; it was found out:

  • That they were fixing a Generator for the vice- president Mr. Wahi.
  • The power- cuts had lasted for 4 hours in the afternoon, till late evening for 4 consecutive days, besides the cuts at other times.
  • The residents were kept deprived of Electricity connection for more than 8 hours for those many days.
  • The cat would have snoozed peacefully inside the baggage if the 2 workmen had not axed through live 66 KVA wires and suffered of 60% burns..!!
  • Just an update- the matter that was then lodged in the PS by the residents collectively; has now been suppressed (samajh gaye..??/I hope you figured out how..!!)

I so wish if all the Residents join their heads and hands and not pay the Maintenance Charge that itself is a “triple” the  amount that they are enjoying. In a few blocks, where there are 2 storeyed building on the ground floor, all the residents through out the building are paying maintenance charge as per their area square feet.

  • Please use your mind: the building stands on (for eg.) 365sq feet area. Why are all the 3 floors paying a maintenance for that square feet area, instead of splitting the area?
  • Once the Ground floor is allotted, no one attends to the overgrown weeds and grasses. Snakes are amongst the common creatures here.
  • If you call them up to alert; they would mock at you asking you to “hush” that away. i.e., if at all they answer your call at the Ansal’s Office.

The apathy continues..

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    Nice blog, bookmarked it

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