Divine Blessings

I was happy, and I still am. Reason: I had prepared a stuffed potato parantha (pancake), and the dough had a light mix of Ragi flour, I guess. I loved the texture while rolling and the color of that while being puffed on the girdle. Quickly, I had run to my Computer to check my mails. And there sat one.

Often my friends joke that how I am on my way to become a “mataji”- the Divine Mother. This is when I have not yet typed any “preachy” material or one of my “Gyan discourses” on any of my Blog yet.

The parantha tasted awesome- better than conventional flour parantha and real crispy- just the way I like them, and so light it was. Okay, enough about my Brunch Plate, back to the email.

I checked the contents of the email and didn’t know how to react. With no offence meant to anyone or any- faith; I still have not been able to figure out why I had received that. Or, what may have been the selection criteria or even WHY ME?? First, I thought of updating my status on FB. But then, I had limited area to write what I wanted to. So, decided to press a post. The following email was received on my Gmail ID.

Print Screen of the Email received- click to view enlarged image

Print Screen of the Email received- click to view enlarged image

Print Screen of the Email received- click to view enlarged image

This morning, I had received one comment on Futile Existence. The comment too was pretty un- usual; and so was its appearance on my Blog. It’s a big world here at Blogosphere. It read:

Comment Received on my Mindly Matters Blog- click to view enlarged image

I guess, it may have been sent by one of those Community Members. Nice of them to have done that.

Though I have never appreciated been called “mataji”, I would love to attain that “Discoursing” image any day though. Why not? An Enlightened Olivia, with loads of Powerful Knowledge. With my Blonde hair and accentuated English, I would make a Seductive figure- if not much. People would be able to relate to me. I certainly wouldn’t stop being what I am now. A complete Rebel.

First Blog, then email and now, who knows where.. The Divine may have finally decided to call upon me- eh?

What say??

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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