We all Love to Write

I have wanted to write this for sometime. Was not sure of how to initiate and so is delayed. But you didn’t know that.. Did you 😉

Ever since I have started to write in my Blog, I am being referred to as a Writer- LOL. That’s so nice of my friends. I definitely wish to compile my Life experiences in my Biography, but that’s a different tangent altogether. As of now, I am into Blogging.

Yesterday, while I was browsing through different I- net windows, the FB chat window had popped up asking “how the Lioness..was!!” We chatted for a good while discussing life and experiences and horoscopes too. While typing the responses to a certain statement, I got a few pointers to press this post.

He had wanted to know what was the latest.. I had started rattling out the latest posts. He then commented that at least I write.

Now, don’t all of us do?

  • Diary..


Making a mention of each and every detail; however insignificant it may be. Some do it with loads of dedication and art- work, making it look like a scrap- file. I do know someone who does that- beautifully. Yet a few would do that as if to throw up on the Diary pages. Some do it to express the hidden desires and hurts; others to abuse the rest of the world.

Curiously enough; I have observed a few people writing diaries and with maniac symptoms.

  • Twitter..

Twitter is over- capacitated

Very cleverly, we squeeze up our thoughts in 160 letters. Now, that’s a serious skill. To convey the essence, yet within a space limit of a sms- that’s neat!

Most of the celebrities, Page3 or the happening people Tweet- don’t they? Your presence on Twitter determines your significance: both social and in the cyber- world. That’s become the most important site that keeps you “virtually alive”. We all know how important that one is!

Popularly known as Micro- Blogging Site, its reach is pretty widespread.

Movie- stars yap about their upcoming flick. Amitabh Bhachchan, Gul Panag, Celina Jaitley, Priyanka Chopra, (before you kill me) SRK, Rahul Gandhi..

Logon to http://twitter.com/, and find the rest of them yourselves.

  • Orkut..


Check how people really fill in the “about me” page. Poetry, quotes, lines- most of them tend to be original. The scraps are even more interesting. The best wishes, cyber- cards, glitter scraps to creating pictures with signs..

Creativity buzzes or rather oozes out from the scrap file. The posted music card livens up the scrap book; you click on the page to check the scraps and you hear music. You wouldn’t have to click to turn that on.

  • Facebook..


Gotcha! Qwirky one lines are typed as “status updates”. You are not “in” if not doing that on FB. Commenting on others’ statuses is the next prime reason of existence- it seems. “Notes” is the box for you to blog. Again, like Twitter, FB too has as if fixed up a show- all note, to our lives. We scribble everything possible to make our “friends” aware of our latest developments.

Growing up years- as in classmates, parents and family trips albums to Marriage Albums, Honeymoon “Pics” to Baby Albums, their participating in events videos, their everyday “acts and activities”…. I hope I haven’t missed out on anything. We clutter our Site (and contacts’ “Wall” too), with every possible activity.

With increased distances and spaces between people and relationships, it’s more important to upload snaps on FB. Gladly showing over the bulky albums on relatives’ visit, is practically dead now. No one has time: to visit and wait till visit- if at all.

Lightning has now been put to shame because of the internet speed. That’s why you watch them only in till 80s movies or horror scapes. Live Tweets and status update IS!

  • Appraisals..


All working people- don’t you write your Appraisals? The 1st time, your Manager tells you to be as exhaustive as possible making you recall and scribble all your achievements (in your own way). The next time and onwards, you are told to be as precise as possible.

Your Salary increment, promotion and your “sticking” to the Company depends on the literature that you scribble. You award yourself 4 and above and are reduced to 3, and with your manager cautioning that that’s the best she can “do” for you.

  • Resume..


You scribble your Last Work Experience in a manner that your prospective Employer is just unable to say “No!!” Your selection of words makes you the only best candidate available.

It is now a full time job with so many online sites offering you ready assistance and some even drafting one for you. No matter how elaborately you may have done your “History” on paper; the interviewer slams you with the abominable “Tell me something about yourself”

  • History Notes..

Battle of Panipat

LOL. All Arts students know what I am talking about.

The Kings are dead and their history buried; yet, we read them as the next best selling s*x mystery or maybe Playboy?? But then, what other options do we have?

Although, it’s only a futile study of the dead and doesn’t even earn a “Doctor” or medical degree; depicting the achievements and consequences thereof- of the dead “King” is perhaps the only way to study History. It happens only in India. Anyone- when did Maurya Dynasty flourish? Or the Battle of Panipat fought? Ummmmm… let’s see…. Who was Krishna Rao? @$%^%$#

And, why we speak about Kings alone; most of the time? Because, the kings hired Official Historians who used to write whatever their employer dictated.

So now, you all know that who built the Taj Mahal..

  • Cursive Writing..

Cursive Handwriting

Let’s go back to our school days- the Best and under- utilized time of our Lives. Summer vacations used to be the only best thing in the world. Darn those teachers who stuffed the poor little us with “some un- achievable number of pages” handwriting in both English and vernacular.

Regardless; few people still write as if some poor bugs have been spat hard with a slipper or magazine roll.

  • Blogging..

Sticky Post

I blog.

The only difference (blogging v/s other media) or feature is that I have created a space, where I write what I wish to- for others to visit and read.

I too upload pictures and type my daily activities. A few of those may have made me happy; others, a little sad. I had wanted to write and write all about that I feel. From Social issues to my experiences to my mind..

It’s so much better.. It’s all about me, collated at one site without the interruptions of others’ status updates. It’s like my own jotting diary with “Pic”, “vids” and descriptions.

All my writings and compilations are showcased at one place for visitors (fellow bloggers, readers and researchers) to move around and view; as they do in a Gallery. It’s a joining of a Library and a Gallery.

It’s like my Mini scrap book- given that I am only 3 months old :D.

I don’t clutter anyone’s Wall; someone wishes to read it- good enough or else, they may switch. No one else’s updates interfere, neither does comment. They are nestled at the end of the page. Depending upon the theme, I could make my page as lively as possible with numerous images without having to click on “Allow Access” and share my information over and over again.

What more, with unlimited virtual space, I upload the video of the song too; that originally had inspired me to press that post. Pictures to create the feel of my words, careful selection of phrases and without having to worry about barging into others’ timelines; it’s just what I wanted.

Writing a book, I’ll miss uploading glittering and flashing images and videos 😦

A long journey yet…

Like conversation, it’s as flowing and vast..!!

Happy Blogging

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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3 Responses to We all Love to Write

  1. Sophie says:

    …and so on you announce your presence LOUD!!!

    Some like it, some hate it…which ofcourse you will love it. 😉

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