Sunday Morning

It is rather weird that the 1st time I “WROTE” (in a handwriting competition when in 4th standard); it was about Pigeons. It was a Pigeon story that I had traslated in English; I had read that a year back in Hindi. I had picked that Folk Tales book from my dad’s office library.

It was a nice Sunday; if only my boss ceases to survive for at least 1 morning- SIGH. I woke up at 10, decided not to watch Ben 10. Yet, I switched on my TV at 10.30. Colors was repeat telecasting CDD, Saturday War. I had missed watching that yesterday- Power Cuts (!@#!#$@#$!$)

I had ordered to prepare some Mattar rice at Boss’s home for me and then gone to prepare my breakfast. One side fried omelette with toasts. I keep the eggs tender for my plate- just when they are about to set. This habit goes back to my early childhood. My Deeda- nani (maternal grandmother) prepared a perfect white soft like butter omelette against my mom’s hard fried yellow leather.. Sorry, I couldn’t describe that elseway. I am sure my nani too would have been proud of my Culinary skills; mom had already been 🙂

I switched on the Computer and checked the net accounts- not much activity, had not even expected too. I brought my breakfast over in the glass plate that Ruby had gifted me in 2003. I had unpacked those only in February- 2010! As I sat enjoying my buttery spell of eggs; I watched something that happens only at the countryside.

The birdbath kept under the A/c unit vent (so that it keeps refilling with water drops) had a Pigeon sat in it. It fluttered and washed itself well and then hopped out. Not even 6″ far, it squatted on the floor. They do this thing: like plane in the air, they hide their feet and then rest themselves on their abdomen. Soon another one had joined in. Now that fluttered itself inside the tray. With one wing open high, it was bent on another one; like we would do washing our arm- pits 😛 Thats the best I could have described it as. The 2nd one too hopped out and stuffed itself out. Both of them had puffed themselves up 10 times; okay, thats an exaggeration, they had puffed up to double their size- moving out every feather like tiles on the roof.

I was so mused at the sight. Not often you get to watch the bathing beauties while staying in Metros. Alright, Palam Vihar is like country. I couldn’t decide what to enjoy- those perfectly turned out eggs or the soggy angels; or was it watching the beauties wash while breakfasting or was that the “watching” that was making me enjoy my plate. Nevermind- I decided to not think anymore. As if in synchrony, all 3 of them took turns to dip and flutter, till I finished my 2 toasts and eggs- one after the other in repeat motion. Had they decided to entertain me with their little act on my Sunday?

All 3 of them had then perched on the veranda sill; one standing on 1 leg, other one tossed at one side on its left wing, yet another one with folded legs. I noticed that there was a 4th one snoozing at the corner of the sill too! Aaaaw

I had gone to place my plate in the sink and prepare a cuppa. Clicked a few pics with the same camera that had cheated me the last time. They weren’t miniatures when I had bought them. Maybe this scorching heat have scared them too. A few days since it monsooned, a few have bore buds. I was unable to click the red-est one a few months back because of sunlight. I will this time when they bloom. I would be able to get a few more nice ones since  have changed their sitting place- from my bedroom to kitchen veranda.

As I was coming out of the kitchen with my cuppa, I couldn’t help my head turn to the Dining Area veranda, 4 of those astounding beauties were in queue next to the bird bath. I feel I am blessed to have watched that only is telecasted in National Geographic or Animal Planet..

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  1. Blogger says:

    I’ m currently blogging for a (poor) living for someone else… but I like it. You’ ve inspired me to keep doing it, and look to doing it for myself soon

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