Child welfare- My A*se

I have been wanting to file a PIL- Public Interest Litigation against Bigamy for sometime now.

Please refer my earlier post on Judicial Discrimination about Bigamy

Humor within the Law: Bigamy is “non-cognizable”, “bailable” and “compoundable” (and yet, an) offence.

In simpler words: No one else other than the affected spouse can press charges against the man, for Bigamy. Even though that it is a Social Crime. It is pretty safe to say and understand that Indian Law supports BIGAMY.

I contacted Delhi Council for Child Welfare– DCCW. I had wanted them to be associated with the cause and benefit mutually. I got to speak with Ms. Macedo- Chairperson- DCCW.

Her response after hearing me out– “You don’t know how much of Legal Wrangle we are into. We won’t want another one on ourself.. You may call up at a later time and maybe I would suggest a few names who would want to be associated..”

No, Thank you ma’am. Just wrap up your facade of being an NGO concerning Child Welfare.

I have now approached CRY, let’s see..

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  1. Matt says:

    Awfully strange

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