Frogs’ Day Out

As In??

It poured last evening at 5. And again early morning till dawn. It’s still drizzling at 11am. Then, shouldn’t that be summed up to a beautiful weather? Yes, that; and this too. The frogs are partying singing their ribbid songs.

One needs to stay here at Palam Vihar to appreciate Nature’s beauty. Of course, one may not appreciate those cute little jumping wonders; but they make special appearances only at night.. The birds, species and their calls- I bet, the Delhi Zoo would no where touch- fly the serenity around.

I feel at peace when it rains and is dark with layers of clouds. Washed fresh in rain water; the greens become brighter. The Gulmohar that has blossomed its first flowers only a fortnight back looks straight out of some picturesque photography album. That’s a young tree right across the street at the corner. I view that from my kitchen veranda. A pigeon is still busy fluttering itself in the birdbath. Is it enjoying the best of both worlds- showers and bath..

I feel enchanted when I see those drops touching the ground. I, our civilization and the houses built, seems to be completely out of place. It’s nature at its best here and concrete structures are certainly not naturally occurring habitation.

It gives me immense joy to sit at the window and praise the soggy vegetation around. The brown snails, oh can I have more of those? A few colorful ones would be desirable.. Planning to buy a Camera soon so I could capture the moments in stills too. Till then, I am sat next to the window, hearing the pitter- patter. The only disturbance is the train passing by.

I am breathing slow and deep- as if to feel and enjoy the wet weather around. Complete bliss- heavenly.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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