Dark Fantasy

Usually, I stay contented. Infact, I don’t lust; I am far from that. However, every once in a while, my state of being does get tilted. Since that happens once in 12 months; I don’t feel so guilty. It’s been a week since that phase has checked in on me.

With no- one around to help me buy ..; it becomes a little messed up at times. OMG, I could use some company to help me get over my desires. Whenever it does, it strikes me pretty deep. I seem to feel so incapacitated to control my emotions and want. I so wish to close my eyes and enjoy every lick of it.. If only I had one and or few at my disposal.. SIGH!!#@!@

Sitting at home and craving; I wondered, what to do. I checked all options possibly available to me. No one around- how sad.. I could use a boyfriend- seriously.

And then, it dawned upon me. I did have that Hot Chocolate Fudge syrup in my fridge. Viola!! I was saved. Took two big scoops of that dark muck and stored the bowl in the freezer. I wanted it real hard and melt in mouth kinds. I craved so bad that I could do with a Brownie with loads of chocolate fudge and ask for a 2nd helping too..

While I was preparing my fave omelettes and toasts, I kept turning to the freezer like a zombie. That sticky dark mud was so irresistible. One of the eggs rolled down the cooktop and crashed. The only other time that had happened was when my half- pet cat had disturbed a bowl full of them from the top- most shelf; but, do you wish to know that? I bet you would kill me if I mention another word about the broken..

Alright, I won’t. Each time that I licked from that smeared spoon, I reacted as if in a state of high. One should have heard me making those orgasmic calls! Like a moth to the flame; I kept moving from the kitchen to the freezer door and !#@!@##$@#@

The dinner turned out to be good; for all I cared. I had hurriedly kept the empty saucer in the sink and was sat on my couch with that bowl of frozen fantasy. I was immersed licking that cold gooey sauce as if that was for my sustainability. My whole matter of existence had collapsed and held condensed within that frozen sauce. For those 5 minutes, the whole world seemed to have shrunken inside that bowl, or within that spoon.

Strangely enough, I don’t eat chocolates. The only ones I love are the liqueur filled bitter ones.. It’s been ages that that had happened. Every once in a year, I get drawn to this “food of god”. That want lasts for a few days and then again, things go as smooth as nothing had happened. No Craving, no desires, no want; till…..

I enjoyed that cold Hot Chocolate Sauce- like a Vampire would do with blood, after kissing a virgin neck. Sinfully orgasmic..!!

I am in the process of revising the act right now.. sheer bliss..!!


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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14 Responses to Dark Fantasy

  1. Hi Olivia – you are so funny, but of course, I can totally relate to the need to indulge in the ‘food of the gods’. Alas, until the other day, I ate it EVERY day…and more than one bar, so I’m currently trying to give it up to help kick start my diet. Pah – how rubbish huh? xx

    • Olivia says:


      It has few other benefits too apart from uplifting your sagging spirits- Moderation is the key!! baah!!
      I eat those only perhaps once in 6 months.. hahahaha


  2. Jessicas Japes says:

    That’s what’s missing from your life, girl – CHOCOLATE!!!!!
    Eat more, Olivia, and the whole world seems better. Guys appear more handsome and peoples’ jokes more funny.
    Take sister Jessie’s advice!

    • Olivia says:

      Right Jess- If only I had a sweet tooth!!! I hate myself for being so disciplined.. I really do..
      BTW- never ever share with anyone how chubby I am- a few more bars and I am out of the size- obese too.. ahaha

      I know what you mean- If only I could love chocolates as girls do..!! SIGH.. Chocolates and Me don’t go well- unless they are the bitter ones and Liqueur filled- ummmm- can someone send me a big box of those..? xoxox

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  5. You can laugh if you want. I still cannot get the Sensual Part of Dark Fantasy out of my head. Reading about Historical India over the past 500 years your culture has been well known for indulging into sexual pleasures. Of course everyone has or we would not be here! If I was ten years younger just reading this chapter alone would have caused an accidental orgasm! ~ I am again trying to make humor of my misjudgment of Dark Fantasy. I am embarrassed by my first comments. Save it if you like but don’t be surprised if I again challenge your comments. No doubt you have had some mood swings and you have me hooked like a fish trying to see what has happened to you. Some so personal I will never see, Thanks for the smiles. You are a good writer Olivia! Damn I feel so small! John

    • Olivia says:

      John.. you are so very welcome.. to challenge i.e.,
      “You are a good writer Olivia! Damn I feel so small!” Your saying so has made you really big. Don’t be embarrassed.. I am short of words to express how I felt reading your comment- I am still 😀
      You seriously know how to flatter..

      About the history of our Country 😉

  6. Yes I should read in order. This is where it began to mislead me. Since that happens once in 12 months; I don’t feel so guilty. It’s been a week since that phase has checked in on me. Sitting at home and craving; I wondered, what to do. I checked all options possibly available to me. No one around- how sad.. I could use a boyfriend- seriously. I had been reading the post about you at 10 years old being touched by your teacher before I saw Dark Fantasy. Very well done if I knew your thoughts when starting a new paragraph I noticed the bold and assumed the subject suddenly changed. Oh and the part about how you enjoyed that cold Hot Chocolate Sauce- like a Vampire would do with blood, after kissing a virgin neck. Sinfully orgasmic..!! Really throws me off. I could us that on some of my porn sites (Joking) please remove the post I feel like you slapped me well. Sorry… John

    • Olivia says:

      John- I could never do that (slap..)
      I could understand what you meant, so had requested you to read that yet again with only CHOCOLATE in mind..
      All of my comments are in- valuable..
      Didn’t want to “slap” you PER SE; may be that’s how I write. A simple rule.. Index- I are the biographic Writes, Index- II are the coffee time reads..

      I can’t stop laughing..

  7. What is the guilt all about? I have never understood a woman to have such intense desires and once the so called yearly itch is pleased you spend the next 11 months and 26 days filling guilt. Am I wrong to ask? I understand women change sooner than men but this guilt is a fruitless waste of time. Maybe with men rejection equals lack of affection or being loved with me I feel that way. Life is too short for the guilt and rejection and the arguments of being with someone or not. Tell me Olivia is this you? For me rejection is fine one time but for the second time I will find someone younger, more energy and that can love from the heart! Do not misunderstand my first marriage lasted 23 years of which the last four were pure hell! I have now been married 6 years now and yes we discuss issues but we always come home to each other. And to go from desire to chocolate is not sinfully orgasmic? You have a little confusion there. You are alone because you want no one to be a part of your life. Yes you are Olivia, a strong willed woman. No one rejected you, you reject them. Show me the photos of those that beat you or the bruised eyes. I am so lost now I really don’t know if you are fact or fiction. Either I am off the rails here or you are playing some imaginary dream with our opinion here. Do you really know what love, affection, family or a true orgasm is? Or the feel of what a vampire would do with blood, after kissing a virgins neck? Yes you know me.

    • Olivia says:

      Nopes John. I guess you have gone a little off track this time..
      It’s just that I don’t crave for chocolate at all.. but when I do, it’s like a cold- blooded sin. In fact, this post was with a light mood and definitely nothing to do with my Lifestyle or issues..
      Though that’s not what I had mentioned about here; about the Rejection, I would suggest, you read post by post in Index- I

      From top till bottom, this was about my CRAVING about the chocolate alone..
      Where did I mention anything about GUILT..??
      I suggest that you read the post again keeping in mind that I am only talking of the cocoa liquid.. nothing beyond..

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