A few tips that I follow

I eat colored chapattis (Indian Bread) now

Clean the veggies, put them in a pressure cooker for 1 whistle or 20 mins. No water is required on sim flame for leaves to boil. Blend them (in a blender or mixer) and prepare the dough. I also put peeled potatoes to boil along with, so the potato liquid isn’t wasted anymore. I have tried

  • spring onions,
  • carrots,
  • beet root,
  • spinach,
  • amaranth,
  • Malabar spinach.

For carrots & beetroots, ½ cup water is required. Cut them into small pieces.

Eat Homegrown Chillies & Tomatoes

It’s easier to grow them even in pots. It tastes unmatched. Tomato seeds, as we cut them can be directly sown. Chilies, when they turn red, would give best results. If you have open space, no manure is required. Infact for homegrown ones, no fertilizer is required in summers too.

Ginger Garlic Pickle

I like chili pickle and end up with excess Pickle masala. What I do with the Pachranga & Nilon’s Masala now is mix peeled raw Garlic. I grate the Ginger & mix all of them in a separate bottle. I take out the big chili pieces first & bottle them separately. The mix gets ready to eat in a week’s time.

Wine, Cream Biscuits and Cakes

Refrigerate them in summers. Cap the cream biscuits in Plastic Box containers and shelf them in the fridge in one of the middle racks; copy for cakes. Stand the Wine Bottles at the bottom bottle shelf. The summer heat here (In India) kills the preparation and makes them distasteful and even unfit to consume.

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