Exceeding Expections

One minister harps upon speaking in Marathi even in foreign delegations with Interpretors at side. Reason- to “promote” the language..

New Rupee- Image courtesy Wikipedia

Where are we all heading toward?

Rupee has a new sign.. ummm wow!! Wait, my computer keyboard doesn’t have this character. I graduated my Sr. Secondary in 1995. I had studied Hindi as one of the major subjects till 10th and English till 12th. I still don’t recall having seen a sign such as this. Sanskrit- No. Or may I say Na?

How is one supposed to get this on the Type- writers, Cellphone Keypad and Computer Keyboard? So, we still stick to “Rupees” then?

Hopeless, we live in a country which is “India” in English language, and “Bharat” in Hindi- vernacular. Anyone, is it Mumbai or Bombay this year? What about Calcutta? Orissa?

I thought that it would have been of greater significance if we settled the issue of the Name of our Country, instead of awarding some Archaic script sign to the existing “Rupees”. So far, I have been reading (and writing) Re.1 and Rs.2; now what? What is it called? Where are the classes held? I believe “Rs.” was pretty understandable to anyone who didn’t even know what the complete form was.

“Change” is good, as long as its developmental. Someone please update upon- which Indian Language is this sign taken from? Vernacular? As in, striking through the Hindi Albhabet “र”; or taking the 1st line off the English alphabet “R” and striking through again?

Are all the burning issues of our Country resolved; that we now wish to “modify” uselessly the already set and well recognized patterns? Whatever happened to the need of being globally recognized? “Naaah”, we don’t need that. We’ll speak in some lesser known language and continue to live in a country- whose name is what again?

We as a country, have always exceeded expectations whenever it comes to walking backwards.. And I thought that “walking” was synonymous with “moving forward”

“I Love my India”
मेरा भारत महान

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2 Responses to Exceeding Expections

  1. Kamal Thakur says:

    god knows where they go this sign from… 🙂 I am yet to remember the drawing properly 🙂 who cares!

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