Saturday drenched in Rains


I was slept peacefully when my Boss knocked me up “rudely”- with a mug of coffee in his hand.. for me 😀

I wanted to sleep a little longer. So had arranged for duplicate keys for him to go straight to the Work- Station if any important document needed. Alas! it was more important for him to wake me up from my dreams.. Other days I hear him on my cell.

Apparently, some people don’t get the message. I mean, I can’t sleep late in my own home at weekends !@%##@##$ This has been ever since I have started working for this Company. He has so merrily pushed all responsibilities on me and been floating around in oblivion.

I had wanted to go to my per Salon- in Delhi today. I called them up and cancelled my appointment. I could go tomorrow or some other day. No, I wasn’t fussing anymore-

It’s been raining……………………

It was dark as night when I opened my peepers. It still is. Black clouds floated suspended and looked as if about to close on us. I’ts been raining since- not pouring. It’s been 2 hours now..!! I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Dhaula Kuan Road and Mehrauli, 2 important places that I would ride through, are hit worst. As I write this- it may already have been. West Delhi is flooded, South Delhi is pouring (rains).. Swimming Pools were ready in half hour in Palam Vihar. And I..?

Am enjoying this lovely weather. My newly potted plants are swaying in joy. I had lost the old ones to heat starting from April this year; by June end, they were all gone 😦 Have done up again- will last till next heat. God willing and weather be good, they may survive even further.. So tomorrow would be Froggies’ Day out 😀

The house that I live in, has glass windows, from ceiling to floor, on one side of every room. The drops trickling down the pane (it,s breezing too), accompanied by the Sangonium’s and Caladium’s nodding approval (big leaves swaying) is making a scenic thing to watch. I stay at the corner plot house, so there aren’t any curtains. Not required!! Excepting bedroom- so I can sleep late 😀 Or could I??

It couldn’t have been any better for a weekend. Huge coffee mug and then rains and breeze and no boss..

Enjoy your Weekend..

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5 Responses to Saturday drenched in Rains

  1. Sophie says:

    Enjoyed reading and watching the pics …

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