An interaction with someone- full of Life..

As I was sat on my work- station watching that humongous buffalo fall itself in the 3 x 3 mtrs swamp with joy; I decided that I had to write this.

I had received a beautiful sms from an unknown number, saying-

Friendship is not valued by the number of days of meeting..
Its valued by number of secs of beating of d heart with desire to meet..
Happy Friendship Day..

I had sent a reply asking the identity; the reply was- “Jasmeet from Columbia Asia

Wait, she isn’t admitted there; she works there. I had called her back to thank her. OMG, she had remembered me and even bothered to wish me. Life isn’t all that bad- I guess. I must have done something great to have received that text.

I had mentioned to her the other day that I wish to include her story in my blog and given my number. She had sat for her last bone- marrow transplant, in January this year. If she doesn’t tell you; you would never know of her medical condition. One hell of a brave girl.

She did share a couple of details which I would rather include in that post itself- instead of scattering around. She happens to be an Aquarian- 17th February. Now, that’s a deadly date (read: another post).

I am sitting all by myself ogling at the computer monitor. It is so dedicated to me that it is too doing the same to me. Out of the blue, I speak with someone who have braved it all. No matter how much or whatever support she may have been lucky to get from her parents; it’s her attitude that has sailed her through Stage- IV Cancer.

I wish to include her story for 2 purposes:

One- for all to draw an inspiration (as she says and wants it to be)
Two- to clear my mind of the dread about the..

She says that we have 24 hours in a day; and it’s upto us what we make of that. That isn’t new; her conviction is. Her Love for Life and Laughter is contagious.

May she live a very long and healthy life

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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