Being Left Alone

My school- time in LIS is still a blur. Not that I don’t recall the events, but they are best forgotten. Excepting a few incidents and friends- all of which are already mentioned about- I don’t wish to think of that school anymore. It hurts..

Mom had made me sit in LIS, so Samanta could save on paying fees for a Public School. Mom too had wanted to level it up against Masi “showing off” that her daughter could travel in Public Transport too.

My cousin Runa, used to travel in DTC transport since she was 6- 7 years of age; since, masi was a working lady. After school, she used to go to CGO Complex and wait with mom till evening to go home. That was their necessity; why did mom had to jump into the arena? After my 10th, mom did want me to go back to GFPS; however, Samanta had played his trick. He had roughed me up that could be best described as how a Jackal or a street dog flashes its ugly set of teeth if you try to push one out of its “territory”.

There wasn’t any school transportation provided for the Trans- Yamuna students for the Reasons best known to the school authorities. Once that “our bus” didn’t turn for up 2 days in continuation; I had co- traveled with Runa. We had traveled till Lakshmi Nagar (where she stayed) together and then, she had made sure that I boarded another one to my destination. There was no direct bus excepting 391 from Feroze Shah Road to IP Extension, which was not so frequent.

Our Bus- 327, that was an off- route from a regular one used to carry us from school till Mayur Vihar- I. Since Vineeta stayed in MV- II, she used to ride another one from my destination bus- stop. So complicated..!!

Well, mom had not appreciated my travelling with Runa and had beaten me up severely. Today, I think of the possible reasons. Was her pride hurt? Or did she hate her? Hold on- she had always wanted me to be like her; then why she had not liked my traveling with her?

That was not all. The 2nd day, after beating me up real ugly, she had then marched to masi’s place and taken Runa also to task. OMG- what was she trying? How could she have seen her behind the mask? Why couldn’t she have seen her face earlier then?

My mom- 1st she had wanted me to be like her and then punished me since I had been with her. And I was only trying to reach home. Had shifted barely a few weeks back and was not aware of the Routing system. She was my fave cousin.. not anymore. Reasons would come up soon- in one of the following posts.

Mom had also not appreciated Parul’s company. Not that we met excepting once. She would never let me take her phone- calls. My next door neighbor Pooja had anyways done enough damage. Then, I was completely on my own. Oh, she had not approved of Sampada’s company too..!! What the H!@#$%##@

Parveen aunty had shifted in at the 2nd floor. She was Kashmiri Muslim and a thing of beauty. Two very beautiful daughters- Naveed and Nauheed had kept me busy for a few months. She was barely in her early 20s; I should have addressed her as Didi- no one checked me 😦

I owe all my culinary skills to her. It was while spending time with her that I had “left” being scared of the fire. Mom in trial to keep me out of kitchen had scared me bad that if I entered the kitchen, while the flame was on; I would burn up/down to ashes.

By now, you maybe thinking that I am cribbing over my mom. Actually, I am still not. She had become a nuisance to be with, after dad was gone. That’s what I am putting across- that’s all. She would start screaming like a “lost all” if I was out playing within the society. And I may have been gone only for an hour. She had become a plain embarrassment to be speaking of, in public.

I had never approved of her howling and wailing sequence narrating my dad’s chapter to people. She had re- enacted that in LIS too in 12th standard PT meeting. I had never been able to see eye to eye with Mrs. Narang. She was my then current class teacher.

It was a regular ritual for my uncle to keep saying that I should be married off after 10th. He would keep passing judgements about me. I wonder why mom had never retaliated. She spent her evenings listening to all that.

And I was as if outcast in my family too.. Whatever was left of that i.e.,

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