My Writing; Women and Pigeons..


About the Pigeons; here’s the Part- II. I had been for sometime scattering dal seeds for the Pigeons. That was when I was in another of my dreadful phases. Like an unexpected miracle, my life had changed after a few months without I realizing it then. Of course there were lots of persistent trials. There were times when I had just wanted my self to wipe out of what had led me to yet another phase.

Now, as I look back and think about it, I recall these instances with a sting; a feeling that I carry with vengeance; an undying benevolence to avenge all in the manner so appropriate; and avenge I will..


This was only a couple of months back when one day, the change of water (in their bird- bath) got a little delayed. It so happened that a pigeon held a big fat twig up its beak and marched up and down the veranda sill as if to catch me and remand me with that 😛

About Writing: I have started compiling my Biography too- A Tale of 2 women- Me and Mom. That’s not the name of the Biograph; just the jist.


I often sit by the window and tell them all to lift me and raise me up to the ultimate state of being.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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7 Responses to My Writing; Women and Pigeons..

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  2. Olivia thank you for your remarks. I have one question for today. Did you buy the CSS Upgrade? I have been searching the cotrol panel for how I place my background behind my template. I see yours is set at repeat just as your header. Or is there a trick here? John

    • Olivia says:

      No not bought yet..
      Help me understand- are you trying to place a background like I have this yellow green abstract?
      I have uploaded same image in both header and background.
      You need to go to APPEARANCE in Dashboard..
      Under APPEARANCE, you would be able to update the Background and Header.. For that effect, I have uploaded same image.. you need to experiment a bit before you know what’s best for your Blog..
      Letme know how it went for you..

  3. John E Tripp says:

    Wow! Olivia you go straight to the heart! You have touched places that most people do not and will not understand! Can you believe two people in different cultures and ways of expression could be so much the same? I only wish that your Pigeon could tell you to not shut yourself away from those that care! It is as like two helping each other. And this cycle of people will come back to you for their therapy. Psychotherapists are in high demand these days and of all those I would recommend is you! I voted Outstanding…………..John

    • Olivia says:

      I am Honored John.
      Yeah, strange indeed. These pigeons keep coming back to me again and again. One of my friends had visited my place the last weekend. I had made her too see those “sleeping and washing beauties”..
      I think, there is a message- definitely they are wanting to convey. Anyday that I am unwell, they’ll keep quiet. They’ll buzz around the moment I would start walking around the house. They’ll all gather together on all verandas to peep a look.
      It’s easy for people to call me maverick- yet, let me not forget that they had made me win my 1st writing competition and even had taken me out of a very dull phase..
      If you check the links on this post, they are all pressed.
      Yet another day, I had wanted to play with one of them..!! Lo and behold, I actually spent some time with one, a few days soon after holding a bird with my left hand..
      Wait, did she weave a miracle because my left arm pain is now diagnosed as a mere- Mystalgia pain..??
      Aaahh, seems there’s no end to it. I am not superstitious but am staunch believer that thoughts do create a magic. Maybe filling up their birth- bath for all this while had actually gained me a much needed miracle.
      Last but not the least, I too agree that 2 different people in 2 different cultures come back to peck seeds from the same… Oh man, I need some rest LOL..

  4. Olivia, your mother is no longer in your life as I understand? Correct me if I am wrong but it appears you have held on to this pain for many years. As a child at three I remember the pain of a drunkard father and the fighting daily only crying and begging mommy and daddy to love each other. Father was a policeman for 10 years in the city of my birth and well known for sleeping with employees of my mother that worked as a telephone switchboard supervisor. She was quite stricken with the hate of a man that would do these things. In her eyes as divorce came I then became him in her eyes and the anger of me being his son brought blame and severe anger and hate to me. I was beaten like an unloved child. At times I was beaten until I had no feeling. I remember the sounds of hard objects hitting my head and been knocked out many times only because I was him (My Father) to her now! In life I have found we have no choice of who our parents are or even what culture we come into as a child. A Doctor once told me life is not fair! How is it we see good people suffer and bad people rejoice? The rich treated as Kings and the poor as slaves? This is a short Bio about a boy that became a man to love and to treat others different than I was. I now look at the precious moments in life and grasp and hold them tightly in my memories. In life to have happy times are the things I try to make happen! The laughter, smiles and the love we hold for our mates and children are now my focus. Looking back to my childhood only hurts!……John

    • Olivia says:


      I have no words to offer as a response to what you have written her about your childhood and won’t try either..
      Not many people can do that. Hats off to your courage..
      I have made peace with most of the things. I have now reached an age (??) where I often go back retrospecting events. I have found that it goes as back to my childhood and my parents for everything that is happening to me now.
      Be my thoughts, my lifestyle, my diet (or the lack of a proper one), Friends (very- few), relatives (not in touch with anyone at all); all of these have happened because of what my parents had done.
      Since mom is no more and anyways had wanted me to become a learned individual 1st; I don’t have as much hard feelings for her. And also the fact that she slogged her self to my betterment, under the situation. If at all I am bitter; it’s because what she ended up getting for her ownself- you know what I mean??
      And now, I don’t know who is more responsible for the complexities that I have ended into..
      I have absolutely nothing other than just to survive till all ends. I maybe hopelessly optimistic; but that also could be- being foolish..
      As of now- It’s a complete blank..
      Whatever has happened then, has created repercussion; which is a Black- hole. My present and future is getting sucked into the Past..
      I do laugh and smile often; but then again- I have no one around me and Society has not been very kind to me.
      So the hatred..

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