Great India's Greatest Epic

  • Lets see what Mahabharata- the World’s Geatest Epic, has to say

Yudhishthir had placed Draupadi as his Bet in Chauparh (a game), when he had lost himself in the previous betting.

Would it be safe to call him a loser then? He acted like one for sure. How on earth a lost man could place any of his belongings in bet?? Was Draupadi, his wife was an object? More so, Draupadi being the Rani, could and should have used her powers to object to be played in his hands.

She was actually treated as an object instead of a woman or Human. She was mistreated too. The Courtyard had sat still and let that happen. Her own father-in-law, mother-in-law and others had sat there as an audience. Oh, they were both visually impaired- sorry, they could not see.

  • Where did their eldership & maryadas disappear?
  • Did they have any?
  • Or may be the Definitions at least?

Do you know that she also had to spend years with her “husbands” because her brother-in-law wanted it that way?

  • What did all of her 5 husbands do? Well, she was on her Menstruation days when she was dragged into the Court in attempt to strip her down. Practically Duryodhan may have failed to (as we know of it); but was anything left of it?

Well, is “submission to men” of greater significance and that no one else can (or has the right to object) and STOP it?

Lets go back a little in the story.

  • Pandav due to a curse could not conjugate, to take his family further. What did he do?
  • He INSTRUCTED (and the WIVES obliged him) to give him children from other men; as in they were made to sleep with other Devatas to bear children.
  • According to him, some mention of some Rule somewhere does say that that was permissible. So Draupadi wasn’t the only one..
  • We do know about Marital Rape, what category would one want to put that in?
  • Madri & Kunti; why didn’t they move on and not become the victims?
  • They were the ones who set up benchmarks for such evils as wife swapping.

Why do we marry in the 1st place & then also agree to get intimate with other men too?

  • Why do men dictate & decide upon everything about us?
  • And, why do we let them to?

It’s the women that they are born out of, and not the other way round-YET.

Maharishi Ved- Vyas agreed upon to father Pandu, Dhritarashtra & Vidur. Hold on, Mahagyani Vidur was never given much respect & was only restricted to be a minister alone; for his mother was only a Daasi. “SELECTIVE DISCRIMINATION” here too. Getting an heir from the Dasi was fine; however, he can’t be and wasn’t made a king.

And wait, Dhritashashtra was visually impaired, for who ever’s sake, did Gandhari blindfold herself? Shouldn’t she then have become an active supporter?? Oh yes, she did become one- and joined him in his disability.

Listen, I am in ditch, please join me, I reserve all my rights to climb back whenever I so desire- you need to stay in- perhaps that is because you chose to join me.

Why do we read History?

  • We are not to sit on the throne and address our Subjects, we even don’t have to run our horses to the battlefield?
  • Is it to learn about our Culture & Traditions; then what has been our Culture & Tradition?
  • Why do we still say “Hey Ram”? Shouldn’t it be “Hai Hai Ram”?
  • What does the Greatest Epic teach?
  • Practices that should have been declared inhuman and obsolete are still being practiced like some Goddamn Religion.

No, its not any fancy Write about violence towards women, it’s a heartfelt trial to depict the agony we still are undergoing. It’s not practically possible to make anyone understand how it feels to be a victim of such and even heinous crimes. The language & words are for communication purpose alone & do not express any feelings; they can’t be expressed; only felt & understood.

If I were to tell you that I was stabbed, thrice, I bled & then was brutally whatever- would anybody feel it? Would you feel the pain that I may have undergone? For everyone’s benefit, the answer is and would remain a blatant “NO”.

We horribly need to move on from what has been the trend in the Pauranic Society. When I tried telling my thoughts about Rama to one of my friends, he said these are radical and that they were far off understanding of an average human being.

So, I understand that I may be asking for something extraordinary or beyond capacity; in other words being non- violent towards woman, is practically an un-attainable state? Oh no, I am not being judgemental about him here, we have had more than one discussions about this. There isn’t any scope of my mis- understanding since it has been counter checked with him.

Go back and read the epic again- carefully.. No one has been God. Neither the man or the woman. The Man has been the Superlative case and women, a passive statement.

And more often than not, it is the woman herself who has done that to us.

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5 Responses to Great India's Greatest Epic

  1. Praveen Nair says:


    Nice Post! I am reading Osho since a week and happened to read the same thing what you have ranted. Not that I was unaware of these before. I always question my grandma on these and other weird stories on Indian mythology. She would avoid saying “no questioning on stories and god”.
    There are so many things like these in which people are just blind (like dritharashtra). They don’t see or they don’t want to see. Everybody likes to live a life of convenience and follow some unknown force which we call GOD.
    If you look at it, it is all advertising in its pure sense you see. Our ancestors endorsed it, followed by our grand parents and parents. Nobody questioned these or probably even if they would have, it would be buried. All the gods and the holy places are Brands now and have lakhs of loyal customers. That is how a society or community is maintained!
    You talk about torture to women by men and they are worshiped. Yes true! On the other side, the story of Krishna says he flirted around millions of beautiful damsels, probably had flings in plenty and was the happiest dude in the world. The women were respected, loved and they would do anything for him. If I were to do such a thing now, I would be branded a Casanova, girls would stay away from me and elderly women would curse me. But they love and worship Krishna!! (Oh yes, he was capable of doing miracles which I can’t ). So either way the belief is blind! or they could have their own reasons to believe.


    • Olivia says:

      Praveen: A big Thanks for stopping by and putting in a comment like that. Since I hold no prejudices against Krishna, I did not include him.. But whatever you said is 100% right
      However, I do have a short story about Krishna and Ravana too..!! I would definitely put them across.. soon

      I have been carrying these thoughts for over 2 decades now.. used to argue at length when mom was around..
      Anytime you happen to stop by again; check this too- “Sita’s endless sufferings”


  2. Olivia, Where do you come up with ths material so quickly? Sounds like what you feel but not the way you express yourself on paper. You have sudenly come up with great backgrounds and have not given me your answer on how, where or who. Thats OK I still love to read your stories. Oh, My wife can rape me any time she wants, I don’t mind! John

    • Olivia says:


      The story of these epics are known across to most of the Indians.. However, you could still google a little bit and read the original epics- This one is based on Mahabharata, the others are about Ramayana and Raja Harishchandra..

      These are religious texts and the “oldies” spent their “left over days” and time reading these since they are known to inculcate pious thoughts..

      We worship most of these men as GODS..!!

      More often than not, we read them in our school texts besides tele-serials and other depictions.

      Let me know if you were able to find something to read about these on the net..

      THANKS for all the nice words..

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