Sita's endless sufferings

  • Lets read the Ramayana again

Rama renounced his wife while she was expecting..!! He had ordered her to spend her life in exile. Is this what a sane man does? This was after she had accompanied her husband in the Jungle (Vanvas) & suffered the atrocities in name of Patni- Dharma.

Once again:

  • Why couldn’t she stay firm against her father in law’s wishes for his elder son to become of what we now know as the “Most Noble Wanderer” of the civilized times?
  • Why did Ram “rescue” Sita if he were to ask for Agni- Pariksha amidst the whole Kingdom and his subjects? (To prove her chastity that she was not touched by the Demon King; i.e., they had not indulged in intercourse..)

May be to prove about his Manliness and that he was the only Man worth to be calling one.

  • If he was so Fair and Just that he appointed Vivhishann the king of Lanka despite Ram winning over the Rajya or Country, why did he fail to display the same qualities to his own Wife?
  • He would have better deserted her and left her with Ravana and let Sita realize her futile dedication for her undeserving husband.
  • If he were to let her down despite her being the Maharani, might as well he would have let her become Ravana’s Rani. Ravana didn’t let go of Sita till his last breath; even after becoming aware of his probable defeat, his brother’s despise & everyones’ better telling him. Seems even Maharanis didn’t have any Rights reserved for themselves.

How different was Rama being of Manushya- kul from Ravana of Rakshasa- kul..?

  • Both had made her slog in the bewildering forest in order to make her resign; to show her down and be treated as only an object?

What if Sita had given in and had rather agreed to stay with Ravana?

Atleast, the Society as we see it now, would have had all men going insecure over straying or cheating or whatever other series of such acts may be deemed as- instead of being the other way round. Let me think, maybe Sita indirectly provocated Ravana sometime and brought upon herself the abduction. In that light, may be whatever became of her was justified.

Then again,

  • If she had “passed” the Agni- Pariksha in everyone’s open eye view, why was she asked and made to go to the Jungle again?
  • And bear Rama’s kids in that bewildering forest & lead a life of identity less, deserted woman?

Just what was she thinking?

  • Now, there’s yet another facet here, while Sita may have been made to do so in name of Maharani’s Duty, why the Luv- Kush, Rama’s kids were also a part of this wretched ruling?

Can anyone please tell me what were King’s Duty towards his children back then?

  • And for sake of Humanity and reasonable thinking, can the elders stop reciting Ramayana & Mahabharata which are only depictions of Violence against women and Society’s take and influence on and about it?
  • If that’s not enough, we still go ahead & use our FATHER’S NAME on all our documents. Do mothers go dead once they become one or is it that the women cease to exist once they are married?

Hell, when would the women stop changing their last names as if that’s the only rope to their survival?

Coming back to the “Sacred” Lord Rama, he had sent Laksmana, his younger brother to Agyatvas for the rest of his Life; since he dared to speak against him when Sita finally submerged herself in the earth helplessly and to free herself pf her atrocities. In the process, setting up yet another incorrect example for women.

May I dare ask that even Rama had stayed away from his wife for all that time; just why was he also not made to sit or stand for an Agni- Pariksha? Who & what justified his honesty & celibacy? I wish to ask that why did Sita do this and set our lives in misery for all times? We are now being expected to be quiet and give in under any circumstances- however brutal it may be.

After much time, when Luv Kush confronted Rama; as a condition to take Sita back as Maharani, he had once again asked for Agni- Pariksha. That’s when she went inside the earth to prove her own sanctity and untouched purity..!! OMG, why couldn’t she slap him real hard before doing that? If she had the powers to set a crack on the earth, just by saying so; why couldn’t she use that to set up a bolder example for our benefit?

We really don’t need such mothers who can’t stand up for their children’s right.

  • She is a mother or wife because she is married to a man, then why her opinions, views or state of being cease to matter and is always expected of her to be retiring?
  • Any woman who can’t stand up for herself, has no right to be a mother, simply because that’s what she would teach her children about as well and create trouble for all.

Can we not stop idolizing Rama since he was the path breaker or at least one of them towards Women’s compromised dignity?

We are preaching ourselves the same values by calling him a Lord. What a shame!!

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6 Responses to Sita's endless sufferings

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  3. Paras says:

    Rama was Lord because he was a avatar of Lord Vishnu.. The suffering and all that you have described above were part of the Maya and the wishes asked by people in the past… these wishes were asked from and granted by various tapasvies and rishi munies and also the rakshas kul people.. the tri lords – Brahma, Vishu and Shiva had to play this avatar to fulful the wishes and also come up with a counter part of the wish to balance it so as to keep the earth in equilibrium.. this has to do with a rather much older mythology than just the Ram Sita Saga.. you would know about these if you ll seek to learn more about the Vishnu Saga, Shiva Saga and other other mythological readings..

    • Olivia says:

      Right.. I have read a few of these..
      Ram’s avatar was half lord half man, Krishna’s avatar was a complete Lord avatar. He is worshiped as lord and was awarded “maryada purshottam” status while he was fulfilling his karma as a Manushya.. So any man (half man here) who makes a woman suffer cannot be treated as Lord- just not done..

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