Gurgaon Police landline disconnected due to non- payment

Read below the article published in Hindustan Times- 5th August, 2010. My boss had called Ahuja up and he had assured a callback. The callback didn’t happen; however, this article has. The printed version did not return any Google Links though. Scanned Image of the Article being added. Click on the Image so to read the actual content.

My Boss’s name has been skewed to A. L. Sehgal; nevermind the name, as long as such a matter did manage to print itself across in a major newspaper. For more details; also check- the Previous Post

For details on the actual grievance and more, please check here- Palam Vihar, Gurgaon Police- Does Not Exist

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3 Responses to Gurgaon Police landline disconnected due to non- payment

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  2. Kamal Thakur says:

    newspaper guys are no less.. check out the photo caption 😉

    • Olivia says:

      Of course, they are the Partners in Crime..
      This time they had to since I had already posted it on my Blog..
      It’s Police, Press, and Politics… FAMILY; and hence, the traits..!!
      By the way, that news was rushed by my Boss..

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