Just another Sunday..

Seven days have gone by since it drizzled- lightly. Make that very lightly 😦

It is bright and sunny today, like the day before. Huge chunks of clouds are floating by giving false hopes. It had flooded in Punjab and interiors of Gurgaon. I would love some here too. Real water flood and not logging. Although logging does compensate for the lack of floods here.

That and this too. There’s something so romantic about the drops pouring from the clouds, travelling through space and then touching our face. As if carrying minuscule messages from heavenwards to us. All forms from deeply rooted to flying ones, rejoice upon those droplets touching the ground. I have observed my garden plants. They seem to be delighted just like me when those clouds cover that ball of flames. Even the birds, they freak out chirping as loud as they can.

I had a blast at the Salon yesterday. The owners daughter had arranged for drinks and we had a nice time boozing and chatting. No one was over board- thanks. We tried to celebrate in our little manner; it was her 1st marriage anniversary. Couldn’t attend her wedding- my boss had ruined that. He had made me slog till past 6 in the evening when I had to reach there 8-ish. Travelling takes 1 hour and I had to buy her present too.

So this time round, I didn’t tell him about the party. What was his business to know anyways? What do I do in my off days or after work? Specially when he piles on as much work whenever I have to leave? Oh yes, there aren’t really any fixed office hours or days. Flexible work hours and all that.

Sitting blissfully cut out from the rest of the world; I am trying to make the most of my Sunday. With no one around, it’s perfectly quite- almost. Excepting the pigeons.

Even though that I am officially not an official bird- watcher, I have observed them in all their moods. Compiling that would take a separate post altogether. My breakfast was a vegetable sandwich with lots of oregano. A cup of, no, mug of tea later. I am now wanting to eat some mangoes. Had not eaten any since last 15 years..!!

Was too busy to be able to enjoy life’s subtler nuances. Add the fact that I absolutely adore the fruit. The more; the merrier. I had almost forgotten how they tasted.

That’s why I say I am on my way to rediscover myself..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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3 Responses to Just another Sunday..

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  3. ankur goyal says:

    Hey Olivia … Seems like you are people’s person and too friendly. When I read you partying with your salon owner’s daughter, it seemed to like .. Wow.
    What I mean if I were you I would be only going to salon for hair cut, trimming and all and don’t bother who the owner is and who his/her daughter is.
    It teaches me, People everywhere in world are there to love.

    P.S- I dont have any intention to comment about Salon job, I mean whatever services I use, I used to be concerned with only service not much to serviceperson.

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