Lets meet and go out..

Read: Lets mate and make out..

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad, when someone proposes. It is just too complicated. Way too much. I wish Life had been little simpler for me too. I could have used some of my charm out on my Date. But then, I have really not come across anyone as matured as I am. Or maybe I have become a granny, worrying sick over my concerns.

Men are wanting to date me and here I am; sitting to weigh the pros and cons. OMG, couldn’t I lead a carefree life too, going out enjoying a nice dinner? And some careless intimate moments too? Why do I have to mother my ownself? Always?

None of the men that I have come across talks of any serious relationships. They are all willing to come to my place for a nice romantic evening with lazy drinks.. How about inviting me over to their place, for a change..?? I will make sure that I make that as romantic and sensual (add that please) too?

And what’s my figure again? Oh, make that vital stats..

Maybe that’s how it goes. I maybe the primitive one. And why can’t I let go off my past? Hello! My PRESENT is, because how my PAST was. So, I’ll have to bear my PRESENT in my mind that may also reflect in my future. How to keep the PAST aside again?

Looking at the clouds reflecting the setting sun’s rays, I again wonder- why did he have to throw his stone (so carelessly) to create ripples? Oh yeah love, feelings and all that? But wait; we know absolutely zilch about each other- how can Love happen over the FB or Gmail chat? If you are so concerned about the cell-bill while calling from US; how on earth do you expect me to be so careless to just jump in to such an affair- at your first ping?

I can not and do not let my feelings possess me just because I maybe sitting in a fine- dining restaurant at a candle- light dinner. I need to know the man as MY MAN. Mechanical? No. Controlled and practical. Unromantic? Yes, maybe; but, not a fool. Here being romantic with a complete stranger would mean being a branded FOOL. Be One, and then be the butt of your own misery. C’mon, don’t you need to have a certain degree of comfortability before you give in to a romantic date?

Okay, it’s lovely to get expensive presents, flowers complete with a nice “romantic” dinner. What thereafter..? Often, they are only wanting to “have a good time”; read: enjoy s*x. Blatant? Correct me if I am wrong. Is this the great definition or idea about “romantic” date?

Take mercy on me, I can’t pre- fix such a date over the chat. Shouldn’t that happen on its own? I mean physical intimacy flows in once you feel for each other and have shared some time. Have known one another for some time, have talked over issues and laughed at some jokes or the poor jokes or even the silly ones (jokes and silly- how silly!!) too.

I wasn’t this mechanical even in my teens. Forgive me. I know if a man is wanting to take me out on a Date just viewing my Pics alone- what he may have in his mind. I have known about this a little too well to say this (read: another post)

Why “making out” is talked about like a mundane regimen? We like your girl, now lets talk about dowry..


WAIT, am I a virgin..?? And that’s just a question. Men, that’s the sign- you are not fit to be dated- PERIOD.

Therefore, I am single and not wanting to mingle- SIGH..!! and relieved too.. That I am saved of going out and then realize the idiocity..

Dear Cupid, who is this Devil Cousin of yours who shot men right in their testicles?

I have a list of these men with me.. Wait, till I put across their emails (and my replies) verbatim.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Lets meet and go out..

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  3. Really funny Olivia! For some men their brain is between their testicles. John

  4. ankur goyal says:

    Looking forward to the blog of ppl’s mail and ur replies..:)

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