Consistent Pursuance

Just when I had thought that I have gotten rid of that baby boy, I was stomped with erratic series of mails. What man in his correct senses would reply to my mails..? Only losers would because they so desperately wish to win the war the words. Alas..!!

1st Mail- 26th September, 2007

Click on the Image for a Bigger Scale

Anyone even with an iota of self- respect would have pushed back.. Yet another series of Chain mail. His ID has been deleted. Raminder Singh happens to be his manager, unfortunately, the ID I sent that was incorrect hence escalation had failed. Notice, how he had clicked “reply all” in the next image..

22nd February, 2009

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

Click on the Image for a bigger scale

That was not the end of it.. Sahil happens to be his brother’s name. That’s right, now he is trolling around under that name. Every once in 10 days, I see his visit on my profile..

Print Screen of the scrap from Orkut. Notice yet another Ajnabee Stranger above him- they have loads of time by their watch..

I don’t wish to be anything whatever he has addressed me as.. May he RIP..

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13 Responses to Consistent Pursuance

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  3. Well I have read your post but publication is exactly what he wants. I would rather read about you, not some creep that cannot spell its/his name. He is trash and that is where he belongs. It or whatever distracts your attention and you know life is tough enough for some people, just look back. This animal is obsessive and dangerous and you better take it serious. I would take care as to who you allow contact. IP’s are easy to trace and block. I had the same problems on my forum until I enforced signup and tracking IP addresses….John

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  5. This sure don’t go well with your story Olivia. Hope I never say things like that! (I Don’t) Better sent to file 13 and it too. John

  6. ankur goyal says:

    Oh my goodness…What a sick fellow this was…I saw one mail of 2007 and then 2009 that means for 2 years, he was kind of running behind you.. He is such a nonsense guy. Even after such abuses from you. He didnt stop mailing you.

    I just didnt get one thing what is that which provoked you to reply always in angry manner as because from the mail it is not interpreting that just for sending the mails you need to write so much always foul words, there must be something else in background as well which created such nuisance. If sending the mail only is the problem then u could have blocked him through filters and i hope u know it for sure.

  7. Arpita says:

    That was one hell of a loser

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