Happy Birthday to Me

I am doused in my fave CK Eternity fragrance.

Oh yes..!!

Today’s My Birthday.. and I had been sulking since afternoon yesterday. As I always do. Reason, I have to plan for the day on my Own.. I do try to get a cake (Wenger’s Butterscotch) and some pretty flowers all by myself and sit cozy to celebrate my day till evening. I often gift myself a thing or two. I have been doing this for years now. Of course, that’s too much for me. Given the fact that That’s the only day I have with me to celebrate..

So, instead of fretting up about the fact that I am all by myself; I have to hold myself up in one place and plan the celebration. I haven’t celebrated much in the last few years.. Last year, the day went by just like any other day.. Before that, I was locked up in a room in a Guest House. And a year before that, a jackal howled for hours outside my house door…

Not that I don’t celebrate my birthday. Just that, I haven’t been able to enjoy being careless; expecting “others” to plan my day. Often my parents (my dad) pretended to forget and so did my Uncle. Mom had never wanted me to make loud noises till I grew up. Phew..!! Ideals, I tell you.

I do recall few of my Really Royal Birthday celebrations (in their own way) that I have lived through. One of them is already posted in one of my Blogs. Actually two. Rest would soon follow.

This time, it has been very different. My regular readers are all going to laugh over- at what would amuse you the most, in the post to come. It’s 2 in the afternoon and yeah, it’s peaceful. I have now been conditioned this way. No loud noises or cluttering sounds..

I am loving everyone who is calling me up to wish. And hating anyone who is not calling me up despite having my cell number 😀 That’s right, how many of us really do that crawling out of the FB wall or email or that sms.

Not that I wasn’t happy reading the scratches up on the Wall. But then, I really miss the days when someone’s birthday used to be like a mini event. Going out to shop for cards and or gifts, wrapping them up carefully. I used to do them all personally. I also used to buy the flowers and arrange them on my own, in my own way at home. And then, execute a big surprise. Ask Ruby, my managers in Convergys and Baxy (I hope they liked it). It used to be a reason for my celebration too..

I had sat Thanking each one of them on my FB Wall. My Manager’s messages were also sat (the same managers). I am loving every bit of it. How many of us really can gather all contacts possible from last 25 years of her life within 4 months, manage to link with them and also get wished by all of them? I am really blessed.

Now, it is getting darker with each passing second. Is that how Divine Blessings pour? I’ll know if it pours.. I had left my nails without color for a week. So this muted gold frosted shade is sparkling with Brilliance. I like all things glittering. Don’t my Blog pics say it all? 🙂 I like bright, shiny and glittering objects. Full of sparkle and vivid reflecting brilliance. I had enjoyed a hot shower, after oiling my hair yesterday evening. I had gone to bed wearing my Fave night-T. All by sheer co- incidence. I had not done a single bit planning.

I just enjoyed a huge mug of coffee and now waiting for it to POUR..

Few of my wishes were granted too..

Only last night I had dreamt of Minotaur. Now, waiting for the dream to unfold its mystery.

And my Boss is away at work…. BLISS!!!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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24 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

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  2. Purvi says:

    My heartfelt thanks for the comments! Do check my response & nominations to them out here:

    This is Purvi from:

    Love ya all! )

  3. frayedges says:

    Happy Belated birthday Olivia. May future birthdays be bright!

  4. My fellow Leo! Happy belated birthday!!

  5. Anky0112 says:

    happy belated birthday olivia 🙂

  6. Wish you a Belated Happy Birthday !!!

    “Instead of Counting Candles
    I count blessing everyday”

    –Someone Is Special–

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  9. Happy Birthday Olivia!………John

  10. Sampada says:

    Happy Birthday!! I know its sad that its been a few years that we had a proper birthday party for you..I mean it makes me guilty for not being there, but nevermind you are always in my thought and hang in there…We will celebrate it again just hang on ….
    love you babes

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  12. Sanjukta says:

    Birthdays, sigh! Always make me blue. Olivia I feel for you so much and I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone 🙂 I wish I did for you, than just that few mins of FB chat.

    • Olivia says:

      Sanjukta.. I guess I have no words to Thank you.. for quite a many things..
      I feel connected to a very few people and they have all blessed me; you included..
      It’s the gesture that counts.. Luv you gal..

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  14. Ankur Goyal says:

    Happy Birthday to you Olivia…May Excellence be yours..

  15. Hena says:

    This is what I like the most about you – BEING NATURAL…!!!

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