Many Happy Returns of My Day..

Ruby was online at 11.45 at night yesterday, when the power cuts did their trick. She had called up soon after 12 in the midnight to wish me and Make My Day.. I had dozed off merrily and woke up at 2am. It was thundering and storming and raining. What was the God’s wicked idea? I love rains and everything about them excepting the creepy crawlies.. yuck.

10am in the morning… YAWN

My cellphone showed a missed call from an unknown number and then a cute sms saying “Wishing you a fab birthday! Hv fun get drunk! Cheers.” Now.. she ought to be knowing me really well to say that.. I found out and called her up. I was so happy to have been wished personally by Sonia.

Soon thereafter my boss had barged in with some flowers and Brownie. I loved it… Who doesn’t like surprises, and flowers, and Brownies, and all of them together, and when you are least expecting one, or all of them together? I usually appreciate a very few floral arrangements. Strangely, this one was just how I love-Red and white flowers. OMG, it couldn’t have been better.

Quickly, I had arranged them in a vase. I separated the greens and put them in a different holder. It indeed was a huge bouquet. Funny it may seem; I love a bouquet as heavy as possible with more of leaves and stems instead of flowers.

I ripped open a brownie cellophane and justified its being. So much for my morning cuppa time. Yeah, that is exactly how I am. Soggyly Senti. LOL.

My Boss had then left——–> what more could I have asked for..?

And then, a pigeon too came in to bless me. Laugh as much as you may, but can you ignore the co-incidence? This time, I have captured her pics better than the last time. I mean, would you believe that only yesterday evening was I thinking of one sitting in my palm to wish me and here I was holding one again and clicking..

My friend Sneh had called up.

Sanjukta opened up a small chat box to wish- Love her too. Nice of her to take out a minute to wish me..

Soon Varuna, Ruby’s sis-in-law’s daughter too had called up to wish.

I had then sat compiling the previous post and the one about my dream. It then poured.. oh yes, this is exactly how I had wanted it. My maid had left early- great. She had anyways not known anything. A few more people joined in to wish personally.

My Boss had again re- appeared with a Wenger’s Butterscotch Cake- yummmmm. Some real heavy showers, tea and lovely cake had caressed my evening. While working (a little) on the comp, Basanti, my school friend had opened up a chat window to wish me, again.. Why not? Scratching on the wall is fine; how about some personal touch- once a year is not at all bad. Actually, it should be more often than that. Like we all say- Inshah Allah (I hope I spelled that correctly)

Seema (my then manager’s manager in Convergys), had opened up a lovely chat box and sang the B’de song- exactly how I love it!!! A nice little conversation was exchanged; I wonder how many people really can talk that candidly.. Not many. Out of my contacts, not even 5 of them would. Seema made my evening. It has been wonderful knowing (of whatever little that I know of) her.

Since it poured so heavy, I restricted myself to home. Bless the frogs, they may be croaking loud. Chhabi, Ruby’s younger sister too had called up and wished..

Ruby, Thanks for your wishes, I did get the cake.. That’s the print on the carton box that is hazy.

Sanjana had opened up a chat box and wished me again. Just an hour back, Kamal too did the same.. And so did Ankur, one of my readers. This is what he had left on the chat box and disappered. May I say that I absolutely loved it??

Hena and Jyoti had each pasted a personal card up on my wall- Thank you so much.

My ex managers, Swati and Rachana had special messages posted for me. With follow- up comments too..

I may have to use a huge space to name them all. All of my ex- colleagues from Hutch, Convergys, Baxy and Sparsh had brighten my day up. My friends; from my most difficult times and mentioned workplaces also had scratched up my wall. So had my blog friends, readers and everyone else whom I know from across the globe.

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.. Most of all, I thank you all for being around and supporting my state of being..

I am so blessed..

This year, I gifted “this post” to myself..

The celebrations didn’t end here

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22 Responses to Many Happy Returns of My Day..

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  3. soulbro* says:

    That is such a beautiful story on your birthday…yes it is Love that makes us stronger feeling this inside and appreciating more and more that more Love comes our way…we must see this that way as this is also balance in our well being to be filled with Love and then emanate it back to those dearly Loving us and more to Love us as well…thanks for sharing your story with me…as on facebook this year I have received a ton of responses on my page as I have never known so many people would respond after I never seen them comment as much on my posts but still that the Love I received was well worth this on my birthday…thanks my Dearest Olivia and enjoy as well(+)
    Dom* 🙂 xo—{–@
    ps good looking cake as well, you made me hungry…. 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Dom, That’s my special Butter scotch- no one does better than Wengers here..

      Thankyou for stopping by and posting your words here- feels so special- although it’s your birthday- LOLss
      I try and Love everyone for the same reason- Don’t have any “close” relationships around Me- so to balance I do that..

      Loads of wishes again- Love xox

      • soulbro* says:

        thanks as it is balance we are suppose to achieve as we come back in this physical plane due to DOMINANCE as it is ego and ignorance based…all of nature is in balance…when a tree establishes its roots or a plant of flower once it achieves its balance it can Ascend as high it ever needs to as definitely the sky is the limit…I have climbed 6 mountains in 6 weeks as the last one I climbed was Mt. Greylock with a footage of 3491 feet above sea level as it took me 2 hours to climb…every rock I came on pointed or not every branch or root I steeped on was placed there before and it was balance within me as this is the Soul with ITS guidance for my safe arrival subjectively to the Summit of that and the other mountains…balance my Dearest Olivia..I am looking for mountain number 7… ia m 56 years old and this is only a number to me…enjoy as well(+) 🙂

        • Olivia says:

          Very well expressed Dom*. I am impressed!

          Your words have inspired me big time since I am climbing no mountains here but my “mountains” aren’t any short of being those too!! I love the concept of tree explained here- you are so right about it! Once firmed its roots, it could then stretch any dimension width.

          I am little surprised here- how come you read my “balancing” act so well!! hmmm.. may be I write well.. LOLsss Maybe you read very well- Yes that’s it- You read it indepth.. Thankyou for your lovely words for me to read in the morning..

          About Mountains, here’s my small bit about Rocks
          Do let me your views whenever you go there. have you included yur “climbing” experiences in your Blog yet? would love to climb along with your words by reading them..

          Loads of Love My Dear xoxox

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