Saturday Blind Date (s)

August is being pretty uncanny this time. Given the very fact that I have enjoyed some good time in my birth month most of the years; I am just amazed at the unfolding of things this year.

I haven’t been able to sleep properly last night. Giggling in the evening, I had set cramps in my abdomen. I must have been pretty amused to be giggling that hard- right? Well, the pain was not the reason for my OWL act. Don’t even ask then what was. I’ll anyways tell you.

My head is spinning with thoughts. About..? Someone I met over the weekend. I had gossiped about it (the overall meeting) a great length with a few friends of mine. Oh yes, I had badly needed to. Was is it a disappointment or tragedy or a great experience and a comedy? I would leave onto you to comment. The more, the merrier..

While I am still capturing the sequences and analyzing them in the most exhaustive manner; I take great pride in sharing that I went out for 2 blind dates- back to back on Saturday.. WOW..

The 1st one was not technically a date; however, I would brand it as that since it was very sweet. One of my FB friends had wanted me to treat him. I had casually asked for a “BIG FAT GIFT”. He did. A FAT COFFEE MUG. Boy, did I love it? I have a huge collection of Coffee Mugs at my place. I have joined that Friends Mug into the display. What started as trolling, has ended as a sweet remembrance.

He is preparing for his Civil Services Examinations. He said that he loved celebrating birthdays (suited me well). I had so wanted a card and I got one 🙂 It seems all my hard work to arrange for surprises for my friends and colleagues did pay me. How upset I was and sulking a day previous to my birthday. Perhaps, I should have also spelled a few diamonds, filthy riches..

A quick coffee at Barista and loads of discussion about MCD sealing drive, commonwealth games, JEE patterns, PMT experience, my friend Ruby, Varuna; was “all” I could squeeze in those 45 minutes. He also got a chocolate for me- how cute. Since I don’t crave for one; I had only shared a bite 🙂 How self contained of me (and obsessed too)

I had then headed to Delhi.

For my 2nd (official) date; oh, make that another Blind Date. I guess, the rate of my successful Blind Dates would be greater than anyones. I have never ended up in a mess (atleast with strangers). My being so open about the BDs should give you a clue that I do love meeting people (and not MAN alone). Only, this was after 3 years- yeah, please. Once I met Rohit; if that “could” be counted as a date.

I had spent my 3 (precious) hours with that guy. Of my weekend. Doing what..? I am still figuring out how to write exactly. So you read the words in the perfect way of their pricking my brain cells. I so wonder why I said that I wish to meet the newer varieties.

Meanwhile, kindly gather as many tissues, wipes and sedatives/relaxants. I need to get chilled and relaxed before compiling what I am wanting to. I am not an ardent follower of “Classic Lover Couples”. The stories completely lack any authenticity and are hopeless portrayal of self- pity.

Why an abrupt mention of Love- sick Couples.. Oh well!! that guy practically “worships” them. Saying that he maybe a follower would be an understatement. More and all to follow soon 😉

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