What do my habits say about Me..??

My pet peeve is to analyze people. To study their simplest of the actions. Someone may or not speak up or do a whole lot of things. Yet, I can make my notes observing the person’s outfit, behavior, choice of words to communicate, simple gestures and face expressions. I start that the moment I meet someone new. My sub-conscious mind keeps picking up the details that everyone else misses.

Let me talk about myself this time.

I’ll put across the things that most of you already know about me. The very common things; so while reading, one could establish the connectivity. Not much has changed over the years. I have been dressing up ever since I was a kid. That’s right, I so was a cute little girl with all the mannerisms of a grown up woman. Even back then I was so sure of the colors and matching them.. 😀

What I do, how I do gives me to understand a lot of things about myself too. How..?

I love to play with colors

I hate Holi. I am only referring to my make- up 🙂 Here, I so love to wear my skin most of the times. But also enjoy dabbing different shades and experiment with different looks.

I like bright colors

Infact, I carry them very well. Which reflects a lot about my overall thinking process, my choice of lifestyle and even my actions. I have always wanted to be the centre point; right under the spotlight. I enjoy attention. More often than not- I gain that within the 1st few minutes of introduction. I am referring to group meetings here- both official and the familial ones. I have so tried to play it down a couple of times but w/o much success. I end up becoming popular for all the right reasons 🙂

So my sub- conscious would instruct me to do things which are so off- beat. Unintentionally, I would manage to stand out because I opt for things that often people don’t dare to.

Unconventional Make-up

I don’t outline- no Kajal, Liner- lip or eye. Which means that I don’t like to be contoured. Yet, my (red) lipper don’t bleed. (That’s the color that bleeds pretty fast and for sure) So I do know how to manage things. I use Mascara. So, I like to highlight the minutest detail. Wait, isn’t that the rule to open up your eyes- so what’s new? I don’t use black mascara.

I dress up formally

I do wear denim, a lot infact. The colors, fabric and the finish would again be bright and not casual. I would be dumbed wearing a torn or a ripped one. So not me. The denim skirts that I own are stitched in a formal manner. I would pair them with (bright colored) tops and yet, manage to get a formal look. Maybe, the way my tops have been tailored. I have both- tailored ones and the off the racks too. Pleated skirts are not me anymore. Or maybe how I carry them.

Casual means casualty to me..!! 😛

I own Fancy Sandals in all colors

So, I want a very beautiful and a fancy platform to stand upon. My foot wears are all so comfortable too. Some of them look mean with high heals and yet stand me as tall w/o I being much bothered about the shoe bites 😦 It reflects upon how I wish to achieve a high-ended lifestyle. I don’t wish to be careful while walking because of the heel length; i.e., I want a fool proof security too.

How I wish to achieve a life of a secured celebrity (I am already dreamy, pinch me)

The Onion describes me the best

My honest and humble companion for years now. I feel so happy sitting one in my plate. One can keep peeling me layer by layer to find the core. Reaching to nothing, he realizes that it’s the skin that was to be enjoyed. If he tries to cut me into pieces; his eyes too would get teary in the process. Mauve to violet to pinkish white in color, its leaves are a perfect bright sap green. (Since I always try to reach a logic, I decided to look into my being fond of the not so humble bulb too) This is what I found out.

I like both the colors, of the plant and the bulb too. If possible, I would have bought my stuff in two colors alone of course in variation of tint and shade. My wanting to buy stuff only in a few colors marks my loyalty towards everything. My choices have hardly changed over the years.

Only Parfums

I have not quite liked Deodorants unless they are strong. One was Elle 18 mischief. I was so doomed when they stopped packaging it anymore. Gucci Red, CK Eternity; I swear by all of them. I have realized I really enjoy standing out. The long lasting and stronger the sniff goes, the better they toy my senses.

I am so strong (natured) with an undying urge to stand out. Loving absolutely every aspect of mine around this one..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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5 Responses to What do my habits say about Me..??

  1. Deepthi says:

    Hi there, my google search for “Elle-18 Mischief” brought me to your page. I’m dying to smell this fragrance again. Have they stopped making it? Have you by any chance found anything closer to that? Kindly let me know. Take care, Deepthi

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