Yet another weekend celebrated with my “Friend”

25th July, 2010

A nice lazy Sunday it could have been.. tossing on the bed pretending to be still asleep.

Only I stood upright at 9am. Had to put a lot of things in their (proper) places. My bedroom a/c unit had not been working and hence, I had made my make- shift arrangement in one of the other rooms. I used to doze off looking up at the old files and documents and wake up feeling myself in the centre of an old monumental library.. sigh. That room has 3 huge book shelves wherein old Official Documents have been piled on.

I had spent such a dreadful month sleeping on a Single Bed. Yet another 1st till now, hope to keep that as the only one time. I have never ever gone dead on a 3 X 6′ wooden log. It feels so cramped up. Even though that I don’t walk around the bed and stay confined at one corner most of the times; the confines of a single bed area so restricts me.

Not anymore 🙂

Only previous day, I had shopped huge Sangoniums and Caladiums to refill the pots. The last years heat had killed almost all of them 😦 I was more than thrilled with Greens springing all around the house. I am a contented one- I usually feel elated with the smallest of things. I was running around the house arranging my stuff and so was my domestic. Thankfully, the power- cuts were on off for the day. I had kept both the a/c units on to cool the house.

It wasn’t new.. Only, Sophie was to come to my home visiting Me :D. She is another one of my Managers from when I worked with Baxy.. Though, with time, I have realized that we connected more as Friends. I certainly tried keeping it the Manager way for a long time and failed 😉

There’s something contagious about that girl. Single, strong and very determined. Even though that we haven’t spent much time with each other (blame both of us), I feel she should not have shifted her base. It would be pretty selfish of me to think that she shouldn’t have gone. But the fact remains that I miss her Company.

We have had our shares of misunderstandings and confusions too. However, I respect her that she honored my intentions to patch up (read: another post). I would have regretted more if I had let her go without meeting her one more time. She had always so wanted to come at my place and see around. I had been walking through my own dirty trail in between the soggy woods busy finding my own way out and so wasn’t able to appreciate her gesture then.

She is one friend whom I would always adore for her child like innocence. That’s right, we are diametrically opposite on many parameters. Oh and I just called her up to say that I missed her.. How sentimental of me..!!

With this, let me conclude two well established facts

  • Anyone that I have been clicked with is bound to get distant.
  • People I love are again bound to get distant
  • sob… sob..

It was a short visit, a very short. Her maid had not shown up. Her car had given up on her on the way- FLAT. We could only spend a few hours together. The 1st thing that she uttered after entering my home was that she wished to change places after every couple of minutes so she could enjoy sitting at all places appreciating around. How so humbling!!

She herself is a pretty good house- keeper. I take great pride in announcing that both of us are cleanliness freak 😀 She had taken great interest in noticing each and every detail. It was a great feeling and warms me up even now when I recall of those spent moments. From Buddha Heads to shells to plants ( 🙂 ) to handmade artifacts to everything.

Aliva with some cheese and a Mountain Dew bottle was emptied waiting for food. I had ordered food from Daana Choga. She likes chicken- I had remembered that. And I like Daana Choga- keep that in mind 🙂 During my work tenure with Convergys Quality, I had almost desired that an outlet opens up right across my place. Well! I (after 4 years) now stay within their Delivery Orbit 😛

She had brought along a nice present too. It couldn’t have been any better. I won’t describe it here. Check the pics. She had asked her sis to pick that up from Dubai (I am so rich..) And the way she had packed that up made me skip a heart beat. I could so feel that it was Sophie who did that.

I don’t let many people come near me- although one would never be able to guess about that (devilish). She is one of those who is worth treasuring in Life more than in instead of thoughts. I so wish I get to spend more time with her. She has made me go rich with her touch of friendship.

I had gone down to see her off. Her parting words were that I lived in a mini- palace 😀 And that she would have loved to stay in for a couple of days, if she had some more time before shifting. I am glad she liked my place. Given the fact that I am completely on my own and managing work and writing too; she had keenly observed my taste and appreciated it too.

It had been long since I had entertained guests at my place. I mean this- I stay in the same manner as Sophie and Sneh have seen me- guests or none. Only, it feels so very nice to get a few people at home- especially the ones who really matters. It doesn’t call for any special discussion or comment to remember one; I can make out well- just who really is worth. Intuitions or being judgemental, so far, it has never failed me.

I so feel her presence around my house. Looking at the Buddhas on the display table, I recall how she sat down to take a closer look. She had missed the tealight holders that she had gifted me 3 years back. They are placed at the Glass display stand right opposite the table.

Sophia, Loads of Love to you.. I wouldn’t have wanted my Sunday any other way..

Be My Guest check my home pics

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7 Responses to Yet another weekend celebrated with my “Friend”

  1. danroberson says:

    You captured that day and made it real with details embedded in your narration. Although I was not never at your mini palace nor have I met either you or Sophie, I feel I have been allowed into your lives just for a brief time. Thank you.

    • Olivia says:

      You are most welcome around Dan. You could check the pics of my house here- Be My Guest.. I am glad I succeeded in doing that- That was exactly what I had wanted to!
      Yet another one for you- you have only read 2 posts so far- I am guessing; how could you conclude my Life’s open book??

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  4. Sophie says:

    Hey Olly…

    Thank you so much for such a nice narration, you actually made me re-live that day, thanks… I never thought I could do that. So far I’d just marked that day somewhere in my virtual diary but you have made it a concrete memory that I can cherish when ever I feel like… Though a lot of the conversation we had are embedded and I really liked it all. And yes, that is very sentimental of you to call me in middle of this writing, (I now recall what a cold response you got from me, though i liked to listen to you while I stood next to my boss’s desk and pretended to be keenly looking at the screen he wanted me to take notes from) I am so touched that while you penned it down you were thinking of me….it sure is an evidence that each work has come right from your heart.

    I always enjoy reading your blog and stories. and since the time I have come to bangalore, I have been trying to get settled with a list of things that are necessary and I think I am not too late to include an internet connection with the aqua-gaurd, newspaper delivery, a phone connection etc… 🙂 At least I would know how my friend is doing back home and what’s on her mind today!


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