• Geological- naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals and or mineraloids.
  • Music- form of popular music.
  • Rock- star, Rock- Bottom, Rock- hard..
  • Rocking- chair, Rocking- cradle..

Still not saying anything- is it? Excepting for- it is.. a lot.

It completely depends on us what form of Rock we choose. Our attitude, approach and views; they all would then be defined by our choice (of Rock).

Ever watched how the height falls a spring? They add to its whole beauty. Even though the water falls on the Rocks; the effervescence doesn’t get lost.. If at all, the visitors balance on “those” rocks to stand and stretch an arm to wet their palms. Kids giggle when the drops soak them in no time.

Rocks do two things to the water. I am referring to the ones perched at the top of the water-fall (and yet, themselves not falling). Either they kill the flow and make the water trickle; or create a fulcrum, the essence, the very reason of that water- fall to occur.

For ages, ROCK has been synonymous to stumbling or hurdles. I say; if you don’t fall, how would you learn? The finer nuances. How would you appreciate the beauty? Of becoming equipped…

Everything has a dual. One good and the other, you guessed it. While we already may be experiencing the latter side, it’s completely upto us how we experience its better side. It’s not at all easy…

It’s not that tough as well.

All you need to do is to detach yourself and look into “your” situation from a distance. From the start- again. Even though if it means re- living your “Past”. Don’t ignore the fact that you are because of what you were. So this time around, make it your learning time.

Emerging time!!

Don’t let the accidents take over you. Instead, crush them with your Efforts. No doubt, initially the “things” may not be in your favor; but how you turn them into your benefit, is completely in your control. There’s so much to learn when one’s down under. Ever heard of grass- root level analysis? When on top, the things anyway appear dim.

Learn to recognize and make friends with the “things” when they are up- close. Else, when you reach on top, you may not be able to watch over those. Elementary, basic. Yes, know the “0″ level objects. The objects at the ground level are the ones that would let you set your foot on them and hold you when you lose your balance temporarily. It is completely upon you, how you tame them. Once successful in doing so; those “crawling” objects themselves will push you to the top.

LEARN to step on the Rock to gain height. So what, if you fell over stumbling upon it? Get up and see what it meant to show you. Don’t get stuck because it hit you. Raise yourself above the situation. Explore the hidden idea beneath the Rock.

Make that Rock hit, as an Idea that hit you.

That’s when you would learn to become Indifferent. Causing lesser pain to yourself in the process. Do yourself a favor- don’t shy away. Don’t they say face your fear in its face? Likewise, pick the Rock up, don’t get locked. See through what it has for you.

Bigger One? Exerts pressure while lifting? Kick it. Let it roll. Its rough edges would smoothen. You could pick it up once it’s lost some of its mass in friction. Couldn’t see anything there? At times, they are just that. Throw it as hard as you can; as many times it takes- till it particulates. Let your travel be a Rock less. Sometimes, Life throws rough and very hollow situations at you for you to be able to get up and rejoice- again.

Remember, how while playing in the school ground, the ball hit you sometimes? Did you throw the dice and go home crying? Or did you keep licking the wound, when you fell down and hurt your knee? How bravely you told your mom that knee didn’t hurt even when you had to be rushed to the medics? You did not want your mom to stop you from going out, you lied. You braved it. The next evening, you were out again. Amongst the 1st ones..

Is that Rock too big to be even kicked? That’s the best you could have asked for. Step on it. Look around. Enjoy the altitude. Ride up and down, master your movement. Count just how many times you could go up after you come down. Push yourself to do that- just one more time.. And when you feel that you could climb up no more- do that yet another time. Either you would climb up, or else set the Rock rolling.

Now, is that a humongous Rock? In your way? Blocking your way? Making you turn back and realize that there’s no other way? While the climb may be tough, it would be worth it. Mountaineers? Ask them. No mountain is higher than your ability to climb that. Make that mountain realize that it’s nothing but a stuck up piece of vain. For all to step on it and walk past. At times, Rocks are nothing but a thrown away, gotten rid of, helpless, shaken out, discarded piece of junk.

Get up, start walking, only then shall you be able to talk about your achievements.. Start engraving on them. Chisel them. Create a figurine.. Define its very being.

Treat all the Rocks in the same manner.

  • Life’s Rocking..
  • Rock On Man..
  • Diamond Rock in a ring..
  • Drinks…….. On the Rock??


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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11 Responses to Rock

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  2. soulbro* says:

    My Dearest Olivia, this is a great post that you have done…as to me to learn the wisdom of the rock is to be in stillness with oneself as to achieve this great balance I talk about…once you have done this, your neurons in your brain become very stable as this feeling that comes across you is felt through the gut and can also be achieved in Vipassana meditations and the stillness in ZAZEN…with this feeling it is sending out to the Universe a greater feeling for it to respond to…then the Universe which we are all connected to from the get go sends back to us the same energy we are sending out which in fact is the Soul within that made manifested us from our previous incarnation that the physical failed in, so in essence all three, Universe, Soul and physical body in non resistance becomes of Oneness and no other way else…because of DOMINANCE we did not learn from that so it is balance which is the middle way sought in the TAO that does this to us…remember balance as all drops to the ZERO POINT FIELD and the objective reality no longer exists but our subjective is within ourself that always does….enjoy and hope you liked my feedback on this…btw I commented on your profile picture on facebook(+)
    Dom* 🙂 xoxo —{–@

    • Olivia says:

      I know exactly what you mean.. Although you have all the terminologies in place, I have derived to the same point of conclusion, though My Own experience.. I, Me, Myself is full of those observations in reverse chronological sequence.. I so loved your feedback for the simple reason that what you have said here, is how it works!! Atleast, that’s how I have felt.. 🙂

      Wow!! It feels good to be interacting with the like minded people. I had almost concluded myself to be insane when a couple of more and You- posted here your mind and made me feel “not alone”- LOLsss

      Thank you so much for letting me know your Mind too! In my Nano writes, I plan to include My Brooding.. Loads of Love My Dear- xoxox

      • soulbro* says:

        It is a different dimension when your suffering ends in your life…as it is a seed that undergoes rigorous pressure but then is cracked open and the fruit is exposed….next the root is developed and because it knows its path in doing this it starts to spread in its own foundation(as it has been here before, how do you know this?…it is created itself once again) and balance as it continues upward as I said and continues to live its life from center and not chase the Mahayana or the greater Wheel to attain an identity with..that stuff is death and you ignore the biggest part of your life…yourself….all thing surely look different from being buried to seeking and becoming the light…I am glad you like what I write…as Now I practically do not breathe as I am energy and energy does not breathe..why?…causes and and out but energy it just is as it is the whole Universe packed full of this in which and where I call it in the gap or oblivion/void….enjoy Dearest One, bless you as well(+)
        Dom* 🙂 xoxoxo—-{–@

  3. frayedges says:

    Now I have an award for you!
    Pass this on to 1 to 10 friends 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Wow.. am I flattered..?? God Bless you.. with everything that you have ever wanted.. You are a brave woman. May all woman be as strong as you are..

  4. deadpoet88 says:

    Great post, I really like your thoughts! You are right about rocks. There is no obstacle we cannot find a way around.

    • Olivia says:

      I am so glad that you visited my Blog 🙂
      And liked what I have written about. Often these are my Broodings 😀
      Do frequent around..

      Nice Weekend to you

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  6. ruchi says:

    very nice….

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